Monday, October 13, 2008

Preppin',Guns, and Dillos

While all the politicians are busy pumping air into the economic bubble before it deflates completely, the wait and watch mode has been the order of the day for the Riverwalker household. My preppin’ is about to go into Stealth mode big time once the elections are over and the politicians have gotten themselves re-elected. So a little extreme preppin’ is in order for the Riverwalkers. It all started with a Big Gun for the Little Lady.

Not every bartering activity can be labeled a true success story but for once in my life I scored big time when I obtained a like-new Marlin Model 336 Rifle in .30/.30 caliber in exchange for doing some fence work. Since this will make two Marlin 336 rifles in the Riverwalker family arsenal, I decide that the new acquisition would go to Mrs. RW. The most recent addition didn’t come with a sling or a scope but I have since added a sling that I had acquired some time ago. A good scope will be the next item on the list.

One item it did have is a thumb assist on the hammer. This will come in handy for Mrs. RW since she has smaller hands, although they don’t feel smaller when she whacks me up side the head when I do or say something stupid! Ouch! Hopefully this will make it easier for her to cock the rifle.

Of course anytime you get another gun, you always need more ammo and so more .30/.30 rounds were picked up and added to the stash. Common calibers seem like a good direction to go. I’m still trying to find a Marlin rifle in .357 caliber to go along with my Smith&Wesson-Model 65 - .357 caliber revolver. I also picked up a case of 12 gauge shot shells for the Mossberg 500A Shotgun just in case. Can’t ignore my baby! I really love that shotgun! I think I may have told you this already but I like saying it.

Gave Mrs. RW’s Marlin Model 336 Rifle a good cleaning with my Hoppe's Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit and it will be ready to go as soon as I find a decent scope for it.

Put back some extra cash. This was tough but since the new rifle only cost a little “blood, sweat, and tears” it was possible to put some back.

Some pics are included but my camera skills aren’t that good. So don’t rag on me too hard about the quality of my pictures. They’re about as good as they’re going to get!

Staying above the water line!


BTW, still fighting the dillos!


hilljack33 said...

Great deal on the Marlin. Always good to add another weapon to the collection...

riverwalker said...

To: hilljack33

I feel better now that I have two -if one breaks I'll still have a back-up!


gott_cha said...

Fine looking addition to the family Bro!! :)

riverwalker said...

To: gott_cha

Thanks! Hope everything's going good in your neck of the woods.


Anonymous said...

Bambi fears you! And all hogs respect you now, don't forget that. :)

I have always wanted a lever rifle, but my money went towards those politically incorrect firearms. Hopefully one day I will pick up one, but alas priorities. All this gun porn is a tease I tell ya! LOL

Have a good one.

Grumpyunk said...

Digging the 2 fer picture there. Nice looking rifles. Never had a lever gun ........ Yet. Good score, Bro.

riverwalker said...

To: jennersen

and the dillos too!


riverwalker said...

To: grumpyunk

I'd never have thought I'd have twins at my age! HAHa!


doctorzero said...

Love those Marlin lever actions!!!. Got a pair myself (45-70 and 308), actually 3 if you count the model 39A Golden .22. That "thumb assist" is actually the "offset hammer spur" which is required for hammer use when a scope is mounted. Nothing like the solid reliable feel of a Marlin lever rifle.

riverwalker said...

To: doctorzero

"offset hammer spur"! Thanks for the info. Lever actions - gotta love 'em!


Mo said...

If you could only have one rifle it would be hard to beat a Marlin 336 in 30-30. Capable, durable, portable, inexpensive and versatile. I shoot everything from full horsepower jacketed loads to home cast 170 grain lead subsonic loads in mine. Very accurate and perfect for potting a grouse - it doesn't explode them if you hit them in the body...

My 336 is the official "ranch rifle" and does duty as homeland defense, varmint management, meat getter and plinker.

riverwalker said...

To: Mo

Good to know you're a lever gun fan! Great rifle for just about anything. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

the fact that the receiver mechanism is so simple and needs no expensive magazines or even optics to function.... Hard to call a shot past 100m "defensive".
I added a Marlin XLR in 30-30 to the battery since last post. She's a beut!

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 5:44

That's great! The receiver mechanisms are really reliable. I've got a chance to get another 30/30 but it's a Winchester. The gun is nice and the price is right. I plan to get it for my brother in law who generally keeps an eye on my place in the country. He lives next door so to speak and he could use another rifle. I'm still trying to find a used Marlin in .357 caliber to go with my pistol but don't look like that's going to happen. Buying new will put a dent in the old wallett. Thanks.


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