Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Riverwalker's Gear - Marlin Model 336 Rifle

Marlin Model 336 Rifle features include:

1.) Side ejection port (allowing regular scope mounting)

2.) Traditional loading gate

3.) Push Button Safety (crossbolt design for added safety)

4.) An extended hammer (for easier cocking)

5.) Traditional telescopic mounting

The Marlin Model 336 Rifle is a lever-action rifle which has a very solid frame with ejection of cartridges to the right side (instead of out the top of the mechanism, as with the Winchester) and is one of its most distinguishing features. This rifle ranks among the top hunting rifles in use.

With the Marlin 336 you can simply attach an ordinary scope on a regular mount in the traditional position (unlike the Winchester models of this type), making the ease of mounting a telescopic sight very simple and allows you to increase both your accuracy and your safety. I currently have a Bushnell Scopechief rifle scope mounted on my particular rifle.

The Marlin Model 336 Rifle is also slightly heavier than its Winchester counterpart, but this is due mainly to the design of its action and a different stock design which has more wood.
The Marlin 336 is also much easier to take apart for maintenance and repair than similar Winchester models.

The Marlin 336 has a very smooth lever action which is another one of its strong points. It also seems to have less recoil. This is something that my wife likes very much when she is shooting with it. My particular gun when I’m shooting is fairly accurate up to about 180 yards. I currently use Remington® .30-30 Win.® 170 Gr. SP Core-Lokt® cartridges.

The .30-30 caliber is the traditional caliber for a Marlin 336, but the Marlin 336 has been chambered for several other cartridges types. It has a six shot tubular magazine and the Micro-Groove rifling of the 20” barrel. There are also several useful and inexpensive accessories for the Marlin 336, including a lightweight carry sling and an elastic butt cuff to carry spare cartridges. I have both of these accessories.

More information can be found at these websites:
This has been an excellent rifle for me and I'm extremely proud to own what I consider an American classic.
Staying above the water line!


Anonymous said...

Nice weapon and good review.


riverwalker said...

To: faol

Thanks. It's reliable and dependable - qualities that I look for in something I plan to count on to do the job.


BTW, like your pic!

Pickdog said...

I have one of those in .22 LR. A very dependable weapon. Classic beauty too!

Bitmap said...

The Marlin is a fantastic rifle. Check out the XS Scout Mount. Leupold and Burris make appropriate scopes for this setup. The Simmons Prohunter 2x-20 pistol scope also works for me at least, although when mounted as far forward as I can get it there is just enough eye relief. If my neck was any longer it wouldn't work. I usually wouldn't recommend a Simmons scope for anything but the Prohunter pistol scopes seem to hold up well on rifles of this caliber.

If you haven't tried a forward optic it is worth looking at. Very fast and plenty of precision for about anything except prairie dogs. Keep both eyes open when shooting. If you don't you lose the advantage of the forward optic. If your eyes and hands are cross dominant you may have trouble with this.

XS and others also make backup ghost ring sights for it. I mount the scope in Leupold QRW or Warne quick release rings. Add a butt cuff shell carrier unless you and your better half are opposite handed.

riverwalker said...

To: pickdog

Good to hear! 22lr is a good thing!


To: bitmap

Because of an eye injury I shoot left handed, as my left eye is now dominant, the Bushnell gives me good eye relief. I can shoot right-handed also but my accuracy is poor to say the least. I do have a Simmons 4x32 22 Mag scope on my Ruger 10/22 but I'm not real pleased with it so far, looking to upgrade as finances permit.


riverwalker said...

To: bitmap

BTW, the wife shoots R/H. She likes the way it shoots. May have to get another rifle just so I can have mine back. Ha Ha!


gott_cha said...

Ah yes,..I love a good 30-30,..I favor the Winchester but marlin is an excellent choice as well.

Have fun Buddy!!

Anonymous said...

Marlin's are no nonsense practical deer rifles. I know the bolt action has pretty much taken over the most popular purchased deer rifle, but telling the truth, most deer are killed within 150 yards. The Marlin 30-30, scope sighted, will get the job done. Around dove season, gun shops have autumn hunting season specials, and 30-30 ammo is often discounted in price - take advantage of that fact.

I used to also have its bigger brother, the .444 Marlin chambered gun. Lyman 66 aperture sight. Loved it - a bit more push when fired but ballistics were basically same trajectory, just a .44 calibered 100 grain heavier bullet. Had to sell it though - wanted steel doors on our home, and money was needed for purchase - oh well.

The Leupold handgun scopes are expensive, but purchased used, can be found for $100 - $150. Well worth the price. Eye relief on the 2x starts about 8" away, making it IER scope.

Thanks Riverwalker.

scoutinlife said...

They are a great rifle I had one for a few year in the 35 Whelen was a sweet shooter!

riverwalker said...

To: gott_cha

Winchester's are good too!


To: anonymous

My Marlin is pretty good out to 180yards, which will cover my needs. Sorry to hear you had to sell yours but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.


To: scoutinlife

The 35 were pretty popular also.


Anonymous said...

Reasonable prices, great choice of calibers, reliable, American made. I have 9 of them extending back to a Model 1889 made in 1893 and in 32-20 all the way up to 45-70.

If I could only own 1 centerfire rifle this would be it.


riverwalker said...

To: streakr

That's awesome streakr! I've only got the one but would like to have one in .357 caliber also.


Is your last name Marlin by any chance? HaHa!

Belwether said...


I shot my first deer with a Winchester version as a teenager - Still have the weapon in my Gun case - Good hardware.

PS Got my Google account set up - Thanks for the lead.


Anonymous said...


No relation to Marlin. I am a cowboy shooter and have developed a real affection for these rifles.


riverwalker said...

To: belwether

Good deal!

To: streakr

You gotta love 'em!


Anonymous said...

Marlin 336 in 30/30 is a great rifle. The 30/30 round is a great round. It is said that the round is inadequate in this day and age but that's false.

A 30/30 will serve the rifleman well. Be it taking game or defending the family.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 9-26-08

I've found that most any place you go .30/.30 ammo is readily available from big city to little town and from the smallest mom & pop store to the big box stores. I think the only other caliber you could say this about is .22lr. Being able to get ammo almost anywhere at any time adds greatly to its versatility.


Anonymous said...

The 336 Marlin is a sexy gun, I think.
The Grill Sgt.

riverwalker said...

To: Grill Sgt.

They are a very good looking rifle!


theotherryan said...

I can use one of these. Might search out an old (pre cross bolt safety) Winchester if prices are comparable. Twill be a while though.

riverwalker said...

To; theotherryan

I currently have two 30/30 lever actions and want one in .357 caliber to match my pistol. The major limiting factor is lack of funds...

I'm also still trying to work a trade for a Winchester 30/30 lever action but haven't been able to finalize the deal. Thanks.


mt1761 said...

Excellent article on an excellent firearm. I am a 336 owner- the rifle and round combination will do just about anything and do it well. In my mind, it's the ultimate survival firearm, along with the .22 LR rifle and a pump 12 gauge shotgun. well done!

riverwalker said...

To: mt1761

The wife is comfortable shooting her 30-30 which is an important factor. Mine is scoped and fairly accurate to about 180 yards which is probably close to the maximum effective range. Usually less than a 150 yards will be required, plus I've never had a problem getting ammo. Even when many types of ammo were in short supply, I was still able to get all the 30-30 rounds I could afford to buy.

Along with .22's and my shotguns, I'm pretty well set.



Samuel said...

Damn lethal with that scope mounted on it.

Tithi said...

Simply awesome review! These are amazing gun with best spotting scope
for hunting and target shooting. Thanks for sharing.

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