Thursday, August 21, 2008

Preppin', Free Stuff and Other Things

Well I've found another source for plastic storage barrels and got two free 55 gallon plastic drums that I will be using for extra water storage for sanitation purposes and other things. My other source for free barrels is a little slow coming up with more barrels. It seems that there are some other people with friends at the place where I've been getting mine that are "collecting" them also. I still get one every once in a while though which is a good thing. There's also somebody at the same place that is selling them (darn capitalists are everywhere!). Oh well, life goes on and so does my preppin'! Always good to have an alternate source. Backups......this is a good thing.

The wife collected a few dozen eggs to add to the pantry from her neighbor friend that so graciously keeps us stocked in eggs for FREE !. I really do like scrambled eggs and so does my grandson. Plus free is as cheap as I can get them. I might talk to them about home delivery. After all, it would only be a short walk for them. Nah! I need the exercise!
Also picked up a free movie from the local library they were itchin' to give away. Can't turn down free! The movie is Huckleberry Finn with Ron Howard (when he was younger) and will be just right for my grandson.

I also managed to pick up a couple of pounds of seasonings for storage. I got about a pound of taco seasoning and another pound of fajita seasoning by covering for a co-worker. They were running a few minutes late and asked if I'd cover for them. I said "Sure! No problem." Not bad for hanging around an extra ten minutes and watching the clock!

I also found a special on shotgun shells at Wally World and picked up a few boxes at half price for the Mossberg 12 gauge ($3 for a box of 25 shells). I really love that thing! Now I got some extra shells to do a little target practice with out at the farm and they were cheap too. I really love bargains .......this is a good thing!

Found a couple of other great sites for anyone interested that I came across while I was watching the rain out the window the other day. You need to check out Living for End Times which has a really good article Emergency eating: taste matters that you should read. They also mention my site (shameless plug here!). Seriously, it's a really good sight and they even have one of those podcast things on the site.

Another great site is All In Good Health which has a really good article you should check out called Build up your pantry for lean times . They have lots of pics too! People like pics.
I've also included a couple of pics taken back in '06 out at the farm (you can see the feeder in the background). It's great when you have a brother-in-law with one of those fancy cameras with a telescopic lens (all the telescopic lenses I have are mounted on my rifles). Hope you like the pics.
Staying above the water line!


Anonymous said...

Well, we got back into chickens again, buying three and putting them into our backyard chicken tractor. Wasn't sure if chicken scratch was worth the efforts to do so, but for the four of us, three hens should be okay. Supplemented with eating yard greens (we don't fertilize our lawn for fear of contamination), they should be happy.

Wretha said...

Good finds! Free food always tastes better...I know you probably don't want to divulge your source for free 55 gallon drums, but can you give us a hint where to look? Is this something that is just local to you or is this something that can be found most anywhere?


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

Chicken tractors...this is a good thing! Just throw them a little corm meal once in a while and they ought to be real happy!


riverwalker said...

To: wretha

The little blue 35 gallon ones I get from a relative that works at one of those soda water plants. They come with corn syrup in them that they use it in the soda products. I actually get two diifferent kinds from there. The other kind contains some other ingredient and they have a lid with a seal and metal hoop ring with a clamp to seal them - I really like these because they have an open top and are easy to fill.

The big white 55 gallon plastic barrels I get from a another relative who works for a big bus company. The barrels contain a biodegradeable soap they use to wash the buses and have to be EPA environmentally safe because they are in the city and the soap runs down the city's drains. According to the warning label on the barrels they could even be used to safely store potable water (but I choose not to because I have others-but they will work good for additional non-drinking storage). I'm in charge of the hazardous chemicals that we use at work and have to deal with these types of issues on a regular basis.

So if you have some sort of bus company in your area or a soda bottling facility around close, check them out.

Need any other type of help just e-mail me! Thanks.


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