Friday, October 10, 2008

Big Gun for the Little Lady

Good fences make good neighbors, but in my case they make great bartering opportunities. Mrs. RW is now the proud owner of a like-new Marlin .30/.30 that was obtained by doing some fence work out on a fellow’s property just outside of town.

It didn’t come with a scope but the wife’s eyesight is still pretty good as far as long distances go and can get by without one until a bargain can be found somewhere. If somebody gets too close to her she can always sick a member of our security team (our two black Labs) on them or just whack ‘em up side the head with the barrel if necessary. Her first comment when I showed it to her was “We’re gonna need it!”

Now that she has one of her own, my Marlin .30/.30 will be safe from her wanting to use it instead of the single shot 12 gauge. My Mossberg 500A shotgun is mainly for my use. I really love that shotgun.

So today (payday for Mrs. RW) she gave me instructions to pull some extra cash & coin from the bank for the up and coming banking holiday. She said these bailouts are getting to be a regular weekend thing! You would think they could remember that when you find yourself in a hole, you need to stop digging! Apparently, all the politicians apparently have on their mind is how to save their “banking buddies” and they’ve got the backhoe working overtime on this one trying to dig themselves out of what’s turning into a black hole which is going to suck the whole world into it.

Mrs. RW also said she’s going to the store and stock up on some more groceries after she gets off work. We haven’t done any serious stocking up for a couple of months now and even though we have plenty for another 8 or 10 months, it looks like that may be cutting it a little close if this current financial crisis continues at the pace it’s going.

The Mosin-Nagant purchase will have to wait for a while as some extra 12 gauge and .30/30 ammo (buying for 2 guns now) is going to be necessary. The big city news media is already talking about the upsurge in crime and if money gets really tight it’s not going to get any better. I’m seriously considering it might be time to drag out the extra rolls of barb wire and getting ready to string some around the place if it gets too bad!

Got cash? Better get LOTS more!

Got guns? One or two more are probably in order right about now!

Got ammo? Now seems like a good time to stock up!

Got food? Don't wait till you get hungry!

Staying above the water line!



gott_cha said...

Congrats on Her new gun!!

Yep on the wire and stocking of more food. This hole is only going to get deeper than it is now and like you mentioned, will bring out the worst in the lower life forms of our society

Survival Chick said...

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Good buy sir - always good to spoil your 'better half', she deserves the best you can afford. 30-30 round is very common - picked a good one.

On your list of 'gotta buy fast', also include a good supply of all prescription drugs you or your family depend on to stay healthy. Heart meds, that type of thing. Since food may become quite limited, some good 'All-In-One' vitamins makes sense as well.

Bitmap said...

Did you ever add a scope to your M336? Please give us details!!!

riverwalker said...

T0: bitmap

I currently have a BUSHNELL SCOPECHIEF 3-9X32 MATTE RIFLE SCOPE mounted on my particular rifle.


To: survival chick

How's the shooting lessons coming along? Good, I hope!


To: anonymous

Thank you kindly. Yeah, the ammo is easy to find and with both of us having one I won't have to stock but the one kind for both (probably different grains though).


riverwalker said...

To: bitmap


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

You're dead on with the prescription meds. I'm only 58 and don't take any prescribed meds yet, still in pretty good shape. I'm just ugly and a little stubborn at times. Got plenty of vitamins though!


scoutinlife said...

Congrat to the wife on getting a 30-30 a great round that has stood the test of time over the years..... I taken a couple deer years ago on my brothers place using a winchester sweet rifle to carry around the woods.......

theotherryan said...

I also pulled out some cash this week. Had some but wanted a bit more on hand in case things get a little weird. Great deal on the 30-30. I would gladly do a weekends worth of work for another one. A few more boxes of 30-30 ammo are probably in order ASAP and then a bit more each paycheck as time goes on.

flea said...

Hell...I would definitely "work for guns". That is a pretty sweet deal you got RW....

One Fly said...

Took the cash out of the account and put most of it in a safety deposit box.

I do like those 30-30's.

Fun read!

riverwalker said...

To: scoutinlife

They are a true American classic. I watched the Rileman with Chuck Connors all the time!


riverwalker said...

To: theotherryan

Yeah, extra cash is going to be real handy ..... extra everything!


riverwalker said...


A little "sweat equity" and no paperwork - good deal? You bet!


riverwalker said...

To: onefly

Those 30/30 are easy to get attached to... hoping to run across one in .357 magnum to match my S&W 357 Mag pistol. Trying to keep my ammo similar and in popular calibers.

Mattress is gettin' real lumpy right about now! No problem...all this bad financial news is keeping everyone up at night anyway.


Staying Alive said...

KUDOS to the Riverwalker family! Makes me proud to know you. The family that preps to gether lives together. I have some firearms and am getting a lot of non-hybrid seed sent Monday. Things are looking up! We know what is coming so why not pay attention and make the grade? Rock on!


riverwalker said...

Hey Michael!

Sounds like you got it planned out!
Hope Patricia keepin' you well fed....sure sounds like it! HAHA!
I always joke with my sister-in-law that if it gets too bad we're gonna let her husband catch and clean the fish, Mrs.RW will fry it up, and her and I are gonna eat it!
You just keep tellin' it like it is!


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