Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Riverwalker's Gear - Marlin 336 Update - Scopes and Mounts

A while back I did a gear review on my Marlin 336 in .30/.30 caliber. There were a couple of excellent comments on scopes and mounts for the Marlin 336 and I have decided to openly post those comments for those of you wanting additional information on scoping your Marlin 336.

Her are those comments on scopes and mounts:

Reader's comment:

The Marlin is a fantastic rifle. Check out the XS Scout Mount. Leupold and Burris make appropriate scopes for this setup. The Simmons Prohunter 2x-20 pistol scope also works for me at least, although when mounted as far forward as I can get it there is just enough eye relief. If my neck was any longer it wouldn't work. I usually wouldn't recommend a Simmons scope for anything but the Prohunter pistol scopes seem to hold up well on rifles of this caliber.

If you haven't tried a forward optic it is worth looking at. Very fast and plenty of precision for about anything except prairie dogs. Keep both eyes open when shooting. If you don't you lose the advantage of the forward optic. If your eyes and hands are cross dominant you may have trouble with this.

XS and others also make backup ghost ring sights for it. I mount the scope in Leupold QRW or Warne quick release rings. Add a butt cuff shell carrier unless you and your better half are opposite handed.

Reader’s comment:

Marlin's are no nonsense practical deer rifles. I know the bolt action has pretty much taken over the most popular purchased deer rifle, but telling the truth, most deer are killed within 150 yards. The Marlin 30-30, scope sighted, will get the job done. Around dove season, gun shops have autumn hunting season specials, and 30-30 ammo is often discounted in price - take advantage of that fact.

I used to also have its bigger brother, the .444 Marlin chambered gun. Lyman 66 aperture sight. Loved it - a bit more push when fired but ballistics were basically same trajectory, just a .44 calibered 100 grain heavier bullet. Had to sell it though - wanted steel doors on our home, and money was needed for purchase - oh well.

The Leupold handgun scopes are expensive, but purchased used, can be found for $100 - $150. Well worth the price. Eye relief on the 2x starts about 8" away, making it IER scope.


I'm currently in the process of bartering for an additional Marlin 336 rifle in exchange for doing some fence work and was looking over the older post as a result.

You can read the original post here: Riverwalker's Gear - Marlin Model 336 Rifle

Staying above the water line!



Jennersen said...

I wish I could afford a .45/70 gvt.

Doc. Rhino said...

hey just did a search on the internet looking for accessories for my marlin 336 and came across your blog and this article. I own a 336 chambered in .35 rem. My father gave me this rifle years ago. It is a model from 1970, has plenty of rounds through it, and shoots like a champ. My pop used tip off scope mounts and a Bushnell bell-less scope on it. The scope he had broke quite a while ago and I replaced it with a Nikon Monarch shotgun scope, on the same weaver tip off mounts. This combo works great for me. The sight picture through the scope makes the rifle very quick on target. Keep up the writing I'll be checking out some of your other posts.



riverwalker said...

To: Doc Rhino

Sounds like you've put together a pretty good combination. I did finally get the other .30/.30 rifle but haven't mounted a scope on it yet. The second one is the wife's and I refer to them as the "twins". Her eyesight is better than mine and she can shoot iron sights OK. I'm considering Weaver open sight mounts with a good scope when I run across one at a decent price. i have a cross dominance thing that gives me some problems that I just have to work around the best I can.



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