Sunday, September 14, 2008

Common Storm Events

During a disaster many items will be needed by a large number of people. The simple reason is that they are not prepared. The inevitable collapse of the infrastructure systems of suburban and rural areas alike which accompany any major disaster will create a need for all the basic items. No matter how many times a disaster may strike and services are not there, a large number of people will not be prepared. Why? I feel that too many people quite simply believe that it can’t or won’t happen to them. It's a different storm but the same story!

Taking a look at the common occurrences during a disaster should give anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence cause to be extremely concerned about their safety and a more than valid reason to be prepared.

Common storm events:

1.) Realize that, depending upon the magnitude of the approaching storm, sheltering in place may not be an option no matter how well prepared you are. A Category 5 hurricane will most assuredly destroy anything in its path, including you and anything or anybody with you.

2.) Waiting until evacuations become mandatory may prevent you from getting out of harm’s way as just-in-time inventories of fuel may be already depleted, departures routes may be clogged with traffic greater than our highway infrastructure can support (Hasn’t anybody ever been caught in rush hour traffic?), and previously available departure routes may no longer be viable. A great number of people will not wait until the last minute to get out of harm’s way and they will ALL be ahead of YOU!

3.) Failing to realize that sufficient inventories of water and food will not be readily available as most stocks will be depleted in a few days, if not hours! There will simply be too many people who haven’t prepared and will try to do so at the last minute, irregardless of how futile their efforts may be! The shelves will be empty before the storm even gets there.

4.) The inevitable failure of the power grid that accompanies all major storms (and many minor ones) will limit your options for survival. There will be no power for lights, etc. and many times this condition can go on for several days or even weeks before being fully restored.

5.) Most water systems require electricity for their pumping systems to work. Without electricity, the water will simply not be there. Flooding due to a storm may even limit the availability of safe drinking water even after the power is restored.

6.) Our aging infrastructure in American has already shown its vulnerability time again with previous storm events. Why do some people expect it to be different in this case?

7.) The lack of services as law enforcement, hospital and medical services, fire departments and utility companies may simply not be able to access your area due to downed power lines, localized flooding, traffic congestion, or storm debris blocking their way.

8.) The inevitable lack of communication which will effectively leave you totally dependent on your own resources without a way to summon help.

It is therefore important to realize one major thing. If you wait too late to prepare, you may not be able to leave, you may not be able to shelter in place, and you may not be able to obtain the necessary items for your survival.

Staying above the water line!



Sam said...

Extremely well said RW.

Marie said...

This is a great list--thanks for an important set of reminders. Hope all is going as well as it can be after Hurricane Ike--glad to see the blogs I read that I know are written by Texans are all going strong!

Jennersen said...

I saw a guy who lived in my neighborhood, no where near a evac zone, putting stabilizer into 15 different fuel cans cause he just decided to fill them all up. My thought was do this before people who are evacing need gas.

I am not saying what he did was wrong. I do find it a bit unethical. I am all for being prepared and I was buttoned up good for the storm. It is just if your plans include doing things like that do it at the beginning of the storm season. Cause you are right everything gets scarce! I am glad not to be one of those last minute people.

riverwalker said...

To: sam

Thanks sam!

To: marie

I learned a long time ago when to cut and run or weather it out. I and most of my group are doing fine. Thank you.



Those "last minute" preppers will ultimately cause someone to become the real "loser" during a storm or disaster.


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