Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alternate Bug-out Locations

Texas has nearly 400 private campgrounds across the state. This could be a viable option for people looking for someplace to go when having to evacuate because of a storm or hurricane. Most anything from tent spaces to camp trailer and RV hook-ups are available at these campgrounds. Many of these also have cabin rentals which could be utilized by those who don’t own campers or RV’s.

You need to have some place definite in mind to go when having to bug-out. Being a wandering gypsy is not the kind of lifestyle most people will want to assume when faced with having to leave their home due to an emergency. With so many families being spread apart nowadays, a lot of families do not have the option of being able to stay with other family members in other communities that are a relatively close commute.

During the recent events of Hurricane Ike many campgrounds were offering discounts of 50% and more to evacuees from Houston and Galveston. Many state campgrounds were even offering “free” (if you used utilities you had to pay for the service) accommodations to hurricane evacuees for as long as they may be needed.

You can get more information about the camping facilities and services available in Texas at:

If you don’t live in Texas, you can get information about camping facilities and services that are available across the USA at:

USA Campgrounds

If you don’t have family or friends close enough to give you an option of bugging-out to their location or don’t have the good fortune to already own additional property to bug-out to in case of an emergency or disaster, bugging-out to a campground or a state park may give you a low cost alternative that won’t wreck your budget.

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gott_cha said...


Thats a good idea........but just remember to tell folks that going there during SHTF/TEOTWAWKI wont be a good idea........

Anonymous said...

I need to shore up the family land.

riverwalker said...

To: gott_cha

Yeah! This is only good for a storm!


To: jennersen

I need to work on my place some more. Where to find the time?


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