Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Riverwalker's Gear - Hoppe's Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

Hoppe's Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit Item #BUOX is an essential part of my gear. Proper care and maintenance of your guns is critical . This is a universal version that is good for cleaning pistols, rifles, and shotguns. The kit includes:

A heavy duty presentation box.

Hoppe's "Guide to Gun Care"

Hoppe's No. 9 Solvent

Lubricating Oil


Three-piece brass rod

Four slotted ends

Five phosphor bronze brushes to fit: .22 caliber, .30 caliber, .38 caliber pistol, 20 gauge, 12 gauge

Rifle and Shotgun Adaptor

Pistol Adaptor

Silicone cleaning cloth

This item also makes a great gift for family or friends.

Remember, a clean gun is a safe gun!

Stay above the water line!



scoutinlife said...

Nothing like the smell of Hoppes Num 9! That is a good kit I used to have one but added everything to a large kit.

Natog said...

Yeah if it was for my personal use I just need .308, 12 ga, .22, and .45 brushes and patch thingys.

If I was going to keep it around for firearms I might "acquire" then I'd add 5.56, .40 cal, and 9mm. but these can be bought separate for a buck a piece.

I bought one of thhose "gun snakes" for my 12 guage, and next time I drive down to bass pro I'll be buying one for my .45 and my .22, they work GREAT!

riverwalker said...

Hoppe's has been around for over a hundred years.

Thanks scoutinlife.
Thanks natog.

I recently got a new kit for my birthday now I got a "pretty" new box!


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