Monday, July 21, 2008

Lobelia - A Herbal Remedy

Lobelia has two main uses, first as an antispasmodic and second as a bronchial dilator and expectorant. As an antispasmodic it is second to none and will relax the entire body and organs.

It is a great herb for problems with the lungs. IT IS A STRONG BRONCHIAL DILATOR. It will get you breathing easily again. It also will help you to expectorate material out of the lungs. This is the only herb that Dr. John Christopher devotes an entire chapter to in his herbal book. Currently in America the F.D.A. has cautioned us about the use of this plant, although in Europe it is an important over the counter drug sold in many modern drug stores. To begin with, alkaloids are one of the most powerful of all plant chemicals and their use should be checked carefully so as not to create new or additional health problems. Not all plants have them. Some have a few, but Lobelia has 14 different alkaloids which ranks it among the highest.

I am explaining this so you will understand that we know very little about this plant except that it can be a powerful healer if used properly. Please check the information on Lobelia and make sure it is safe for you to use in your individual case, as not all people react the same to herbal remedies or may have other conditions that could limit its use.

Information about Lobelia and its use can be found at:

More specific information about Lobelia can be found in Vol. 6, 9 & 10 of his newsletters at:

The cost of the newsletters is $4.25.

If you or someone in your group has breathing problems or difficulties, you may want to check this out and see if it could possibly be of use to you. As in all things, check to verify that you can use it safely and that it will help in your case, as there are many individual differences to allow for when using an alternative herbal remedy. There is always the possibility that more common prescription medications may be unavailable in an emergency situation and alternatives can be important to your health.

*edit* Lobelia inflata (the more commonly used variety) is also known as Indian Tobacco.

This idea for this post came from a reader who expressed an interest in any herbal remedies that could be used as bronchial dilators. I sincerely hope this information can be of value to them and others as well.

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Patricia said...

Terrific post, RW! Thank you. This kind of info is excellent and something we all need to learn (in all of our spare time...:)

Also, great post on barter items, especially the small things that we have no idea how useful they are until we don't have them.

Thank you!

riverwalker said...

People should be more into herbal remedies. The big pharmaceutical companies haven't been around that long, while people have been using herbs a long time.


BTW, Spare time? What spare time? Where do I get some? Ha Ha!!!!

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