Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Path to Preparedness

The Path

Although your intended purpose of becoming better prepared may be to enact a major change in your lifestyle, sometimes a simpler approach to that change will be much easier for you to accomplish. Becoming more self-reliant and better prepared for things that come your way may be better approached in a few simple stages. Although some people can endure dramatic changes in lifestyle and even view them as acceptable, for many others drastic changes in lifestyle over a short period of time can quite often be just as devastating as any disaster. There is simply no reason to make that disaster one of your own making.

Simple Stages of Preparedness

1.) Financial Preparedness. Work towards becoming more economically and financially independent. Start by keeping a record of your expenditures. If you don’t know where your money is going, you won’t know where or when you can save extra money to help you reach your preparedness goals. Your finances will be a lot easier to keep track of and you’ll be able to understand where you can save money by eliminating certain items that may not be essential. Small savings will add up to a substantial amount in just a short period of time without creating a major change in your lifestyle.

2.) Mental Preparedness. Learn to do more things on your own and reduce your need for assistance. In other words, become more self-reliant. Begin with small tasks that are easily accomplished and move on to more complicated things as your knowledge and skills grow. It’s also a lot cheaper than paying someone else to do them for you and will save you extra money in the process. Be prepared for those times when assistance is necessary because the task may be outside the realm of your knowledge or skills.

3.) Physical Preparedness. Develop a healthier lifestyle. Learn to eat healthier meals and find ways to exercise more. Monitor any health problems closely. Your health is an important part of your lifestyle and maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a part of the process.

Simple changes in your lifestyle which are done slowly and systematically will help you reach your preparedness goals much faster and easier than you may have thought possible. You will ultimately need to figure out which path will be the best for you to reach your preparedness goals. The path to preparedness that you eventually choose should be based on your lifestyle, your circumstances and your goals. There is no single path to preparedness that is right for everyone. Not everyone will choose the same path even though they may be similar in many aspects. The path to preparedness should always be based on your own unique needs and circumstances.

Staying above the water line!



mama4x said...

These are the three that are most easily overlooked for the more visible things that we could just purchase. Thanks!

Susan said...

Great post! I so agree, and am trying to help people achieve the same things! I think many will fail under the emotional/psycological unpreparedness when things fall apart.

And sick people are controlled and dependent people. People have to realize how important good health is to self-reliance!

Thanks for this great post!

theotherryan said...

Great Post. Getting financially healthy by cutting expenses to a reasonable % of income and saving is essential. Skills are great, can never have too many. Fitness is pretty much essential because without it you've got nothing.

riverwalker said...

Thanks everyone!

There are a lot of intangibles that also go into being prepared.


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