Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Riverwalker’s Gear - iTP A3 EOS (Upgraded) Keychain LED Flashlight

When it gets dark, it gets dark! Unless you’re packing a set of night vision goggles everywhere you go, you will probably find yourself in a situation where having a good source of light handy is going to be necessary. You’ll probably want something a little easier to carry during your everyday activities than a set of night-vision goggles and one of the most compact, portable and highly efficient light sources you can have handy is the iTP-A3-EOS.

The "Upgrade Edition" of the iTP A3 EOS features 3 separate output levels when you need light. The default light level is a medium output of 18 Lumens and gives you a battery life of approximately 4 hours at this output. The low output light level is 1.5 Lumens and gives you a battery life of almost 50 hours and the high output level is 80 Lumens with a run time of approximately one hour. The special aluminum alloy reflector and the Cree 7090-XP-E Q5 LED probably have a lot to do with the high output (80Lumens) of this amazing little flashlight. The best thing is that you get all this light from a single AAA battery! You can also easily switch from one output level to the next in a simple one-handed operation. This is great for when you need at least one hand free.

My upgraded version is the standard black color. It is also available in a standard “natural gray” color and four optional colors; gold, purple, red and blue. The standard model also comes in a sturdy, rugged and lightweight aluminum body that includes a keychain, a sturdy pocket clip and two spare o-ring seals. For the die-hard survival types out there, it’s also available in a Titanium and a Stainless Steel version. All this comes in a little box just slightly larger than a deck of playing cards.

Being smaller than a standard lighter and very lightweight makes it very versatile and easy to carry with you at all times and will work great for your EDC needs.

This is simply a great piece of gear that is available for less than $20 for the upgraded version.

Got dark?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I had recently purchased two LED lights, one a NiteCore AA and the other a Fenix AAA units, but am still looking for some more small EDC lights like this - one more can never hurt. I especially like the bright / low adjustable power, that is very useful.

One of my favorite LED units is the PAL, and the always lit location bulb is bright enough for many tasks without actually turning it on. 9V battery power, lasts about a year before fading away.

I'll give this a closer look - thanks again for the heads up.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:21

I forgot to mention that I like the fact that it uses AAA batteries (regular and re-chargeable) which are pretty easy to find when you need one.

Thanks anon.


Prepper Man said...

Thanks for the review. Been looking for AAA edc light.

Dustin Tarditi said...

I've got flashlights tucked away all over the house and in our cars, have an LED micro light on my keychain for EDC, but my personal fave is the mini mag light - 2 AA.
I converted mine to LED and I get many hours with bright light, and it's in a durable aluminum housing.

LED bulb:

Or you can get an LED MiniMag complete:

riverwalker said...

To: Prepper Man

You're welcome. I've been looking for something compact but powerful and this seems to fit my needs quite well.



riverwalker said...

To: Dustin

You sound like you've got the same problem I have...more flashlights than I will ever need!

But just in case, one more can't hurt either...



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