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Mossberg 500 Shotgun - Tactical Advantages

There are a number of great shotguns available and each has its own benefits. One of the main tactical advantages of the Mossberg 500 shotgun is the position of the shell lifter. When considering a shotgun for home defense, the position of the shell lifter can make a big difference in your ability to perform a tactical reload if necessary.

What’s a shell lifter? The shell lifter is the mechanism that takes a new shell from its position in the magazine tube and lifts it up into position in order for the slide to push it into the firing chamber. There are two basic positions for a shell lifter. It is either in the up position or the down position.

The Mossberg 500's shell lifter stays in the up position until the slide is fully retracted. This can be a distinct advantage for you if a tactical reload is required.

This means you can load shells much easier in your shotgun during a reload. If you have a shotgun in which the shell lifter stays down during the process of loading, you could experience a problem. The main problem being that your thumb can get stuck between the end of the shell lifter and the magazine tube. Mossberg had an excellent idea when they designed the Mossberg 500 shell lifter to stay in an up position during the entire loading process and therefore doesn’t have this problem.

Here are some links to a couple of different models that are available:

As in all things, do your own research before making a decision about what type of firearm to use or purchase. Take the necessary time to learn the advantages and the disadvantages of a firearm before you make a decision. Check the manufacturer’s website, check with your local gunsmith, or check with your friends. Your friends will almost always let you know if there is a specific problem with a firearm you may be contemplating using or purchasing. All firearms have their strong points and their weak points. You will ultimately have to decide what will work the best for you. It is important to remember that you are ultimately responsible for learning how your firearm works and its capabilities and its limitations.

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Pickdog said...

RW - awesome.

I have the Persuader version. It came with a pistol grip but I never installed it.

Usually only 000 buck is fed to this beast.

Anonymous said...

I also like the 500s tang safety, can be operated easily while shouldering weapon. Does not make it especially easy to manipulate with pistol grip though, I have a 20 gauge 500 Camper that lets me know this.

Good point on shell lifter, the closed one on 870 is a bear to clear when shell stop fails and allows cartridge to slip in below bolt.

riverwalker said...

TO: Pickdog

While the pistol grip does add more maneuverability in close quarters, it detracts from your control and the ability to aim your shotgun. I have the pistol grip with my Persauder model also but have refrained from using it to this point. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 1:03

Excellent point on the tang safety. That is a great feature that I like also. My son-in-law has a Winchester 870 that he likes and my mother keeps a Winchester Model 50 handy. RW, Jr. prefers his double-barreled shotgun. I've found the Mossberg 500 to have several good points and I am glad to own one. I've even tried to purchase another one for back-up but everyone seems to be out of stock when I check. Thanks.


Mayberry said...

I had to settle for a Maverick due to budget. Looks just like a 500, but doesn't have the tang safety. Oh well, I reckon it'll do what I need it to do....

riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry
Those Mavericks are awesome also. Good guns and the barrels are compatible with the 500. Thanks.


BTW, Sorry I missed the meetup but got tied up at a family reunion thing.

Sam said...

Thanks for that post about the shell lifters. I've been wanting to get a Mossberg for some time now, but have never owned or even shot a shotgun. One thing I was thinking about was the ability to have a shorter barrel on it for home defense, but put a longer barrel on it for deer and hog hunting with a slug. I'm new to this area, but it seems like the thick brush here would be a good reason to try a shotgun for hunting like this, vs. with a rifle. Plus, I'd like another excuse to get a shotgun aside from home defense. :) Any comments on barrel interchangeability with the Mossberg models? Is this a possibility? Or does it take a visit to a gunsmith every time?

riverwalker said...

To: Sam

The Mossberg 500 has different barrels available and are easily changed by hand. Just loosen the retaining lug on the end of the magazine tube. No tools needed.My Persuader model has an 18.5 inch barrel and came with optional pistol grip. It's a great shotgun for the money.


Anonymous said...

Changed out to a Knoxx anti-recoil stock in my Mossy 500A persuader and you hardly notice recoil from bird-shot or buck, that's after 25 rounds too. 2 3/4 slugs still has a punch and 3 inchers will slap you down.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 1:30

I've tried the pistol grip and it adds some maneuverability in close quarters but an anti-recoil stock is a lot better option. I had been looking at the Spec Ops anti-recoil stocks as an alternative.

RW said...

I have both an 870 and a 500.
I keep the 500 set with a pistol grip (I keep the wooden stock in my Bye Bye bag) set with a 18.5" rifled slug barrel (hardmounted Red Dot sight) and a sidesaddle that holds 6 rounds (#9 bird shot in the shotgun and buckshot in the carrier)
My 870 is set more for hunting Small game and Birds with a 24" barrel with replaceable chokes and a shotshell carrier sling.
By far though my favorite (all around) "Survival" Firearm is a ruger 10/22 any time I go into the woods it is on me after I converted it to a Bullpup Stock (Muzzelight) with extra ammo and a cleaning kit stashed in the stock (in my opinion) you cant beat it. (I can send pics if wanted)

riverwalker said...

To: wbfos

I have a family member that has an 870 that he's very proud of. The 10/22 sounds like a great set-up. If you can,email some pics and I'll post them for readers to see what sounds like a really great set-up. Thanks.


Unknown said...

That's a good brand for a shotgun. You can never go wrong with Mossberg, just because of the simplicity. Even if you somehow managed to break it, they are very common and you could easily find a part or another shotgun altogether. They rely on them in the military because they're so hard to break and I would say that speaks for it enough. I get accessories for mine so I can improve the handling, accuracy, etc.
John Bond |

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