Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Raising Poultry - DIY Poultry Feeder

Raising poultry can be fun and inexpensive if you learn to make some simple equipment. Buying ready-made poultry equipment can be expensive when raising chickens on a small scale. Here is a way to make a simple and effective feeder for your chickens that can be made very easily and at little or no cost.

Items Needed:

1 Coffee can (size #10) with lid

1 Metal pie pan (make sure the circumference is larger than the coffee can)

1 Piece of baling wire (10 to 12 inches in length)

2 Small washers

1 Small bolt with nut (1/2 to ¾ inches in length)

Tools Needed:

1 Hammer

1 Large Nail (used to make holes for wire handle and bottom bolt)

1 Can opener (“church key”) - used to make exit holes for feed


Use the can opener to make four or more holes at the bottom of the coffee can. Then place the metal pie pan on bottom of coffee can and use the hammer and nail to punch a hole through the center of the metal pie pan and coffee can at same time. Be careful to keep it centered. Bolt pie pan to the bottom of coffee can. Using the hammer and nail; punch two holes on opposite sides of coffee can near the top. Thread end of wire into holes and tie around washers. This keeps the wire from pulling out. Fill with chicken feed and cover coffee can with plastic lid that comes with the coffee can. Set out for chickens to enjoy or use the wire holder to hang in the coop.

You can also use old Frisbees or plastic plant plates to make these coffee can feeders. The disposable type pie pans can also be used but don’t hold up as well over a long period of time. My addiction to coffee also gives me a ready supply of coffee cans. The metal pie pans can usually be found at garage or yard sales for 25 cents or less.


Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Cool - I can really use this information. My wife and I have a chicken tractor that requires the feeder be suspended or attached to pen. Moving it around, having a feeder on the ground can be quite a hassle. We feed the animals, using a used vienna sausage can to put into pen.

We'll give it whirl - thanks again for the article.

Anonymous said...

Dang good idea RW. Thanks.

Bitmap said...

Nice job.

I saw a website where they took a similar design and extended the can upwards by using small A/C duct. It must have been 4 feet high and was attached to a barn wall with wire to keep it from falling over. Then they cut the top off a plastic jug with a screw on lid and attached that to the very top with duct tape. The screw on lid is even better at keeping bugs and rodents out than the pop on lid from the coffee can. They claimed they could put 20lbs of feed in it. I told my wife that we're going to build one like that so we don't have to feed as often. I'm also going to make the lid accessible from outside the chicken cage so I don't have to get muddy when it rains.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:26

These are simple, inexpensive and easy to make and hold up fairly well to use. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: YeOldFurt

You're welcome!

BTW, RW,Jr. is working on a new coop and came by the other day wanted to scrounge through my wood pile. LOL


riverwalker said...

To: Bitmap

Sounds like you need more capacity. I'd use some old PVC pipe if you can find some and use it to make a feed shoot to make loading feed easier. Old plastic drain pipe will work pretty good. Just find a big plastic planter and invert it and run the PVC drain pipe through a hole in the top and cut some feed holes in the pot. Use some all-thread to bolt the pot to the drain plate and hook a piece of chain to it to support the extra weight. Put a screw on cap on the top of the feed shoot and just unscrew it when you need to add feed.

If I can scrounge up some junk I can build just about anything I need. Thinking about doing a really cheap cardboard bulk feeder.

Lots of boxes out there!LOL


HermitJim said...

Now this is something that maybe even I can build! I just happen to have a few empty coffee cans!

Wonder why?

Bitmap said...


I've got some old planters. The kind with the water dish that pops onto the bottom to catch the overflow. I think that might work as a start.

riverwalker said...

To: HermitJim

Now where would you get coffee cans? LOL Coffee cans - got to love 'em! They are the ultimate survival building material! Great for "Urban Bushcraft".


BTW, Bet you could make a lot of things if you wanted to set that coffee cup down for a while. HaHa!

riverwalker said...

To: Bitmap

The old planters work great but if you use a big one you'll have to put some extra bolts for the additional weight. That feed gets heavy. You could even use a piece of straight PVC pipe on top with a screw on lid to hold additional feed. Put your tin foil hat on so there isn't any interference with the old brain waves!Post some pics when you get something setup. I'm curious as to what you come up with and besides if it looks good I may want to copy your design!


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