Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer Survival - Heat Rash

Heat rash, which is sometimes referred to as prickly heat, is a very common skin irritation that occurs during the summer. It is normally caused by the excessive sweating of your body which causes an inflammation of the sweat glands. This is especially true during hot, humid weather conditions. Although heat rash can affect persons in any age group, it is much more common among young children who are much more susceptible to the effects of warmer temperatures.

Heat rash looks similar to a group of tiny red pimples or small blisters. It generally occurs on the neck or upper chest area, in the groin area between the legs, and in the creases of your elbow. It can also appear in other areas as well. It sometimes creates an itching or “prickly” sensation.

The treatment of heat rash is a rather simple process and additional medical assistance isn’t usually required. The first thing you will need to do is keep the affected area dry. A good body powder will help to decrease the discomfort caused by a heat rash. You will also need to provide a cooler environment for the affected person or child that has less humidity. Using ointments or creams to treat heat rash may seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, ointments or creams may only make conditions worse instead of better once you’ve gotten a heat rash.

Treating a heat rash is fairly simple and is usually one of the less severe forms of heat-related illnesses. Taking some simple precautions can help you survive the summer heat.

Got rash?

Staying above the water line!



Bitmap said...

For me, heat rash feels like having poison ivy.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, is that what that is? I was starting to get worried.

tweell said...

What is this malady you call heat rash? Ah, needs humidity! None here in Arizona!

riverwalker said...

To: Bitmap

It oftens makes a person very uncomfortable but it won't kill you. Might cause some excessive wear on the old fingernails though!LOL


riverwalker said...

To: YeOldFurt

You got lucky this time!LOL


BTW, I missed ya'll by about 15 minutes at the meeting according to Mayberry. Hopefully next time will be different for me.

riverwalker said...


Some people have all the luck and NO humidity.

I've been reading some great posts over at Arizons Preppers Network. Sorry I don't leave a lot of comments but I have noticed the great preparedness articles you've been posting. Keep up the good work. The people in AZ should be proud to have a site like yours.


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