Friday, November 9, 2012

Fixed Blade Knife Options - The Pack Knife

While there are many choices when it comes to a fixed blade, not many present themselves as a viable option for EDC (everyday carry). Their size and bulk along with normally lengthy blades are just not well-suited for EDC purposes on an everyday basis. This is where what is sometimes referred to as a “pack knife” can play an important role. Think of a pack knife as a sort of knife insurance. Having a few pack knifes will assure that you always have a fixed blade handy.

I normally consider a pack knife as something that is used to prevent damage to a good knife when the need presents itself. It should also be cheap and inexpensive. And because it is usually a cheap knife, it’s also one that can be put in a pack and forgotten about until it’s needed. A good pack knife will usually be a short (4 to 5 inch), full tang fixed blade and usually be one with a cord-wrapped handle. This is what you will use as a screwdriver or to pry, hammer or chop with in order to prevent needless damage to one of your better blades. It also won’t be the end of the world (or your budget) if it gets broken or lost. 

An inexpensive fixed blade with a full tang of moderate length that is kept tucked away in your various packs can help prevent the needless risk to your good blades by “inappropriate” use.

Got pack knife?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

I guess one of my Moras is what I would consider my pack knife. Though I always carry a sheathed Leatherman Wave or Surge in the pack anyway as a 'tool kit' if real repair is needed.

My deer hunting 'war bag' always has a couple of extra knives, some folders, others fixed sheath blade models.

Dustin Tarditi said...

Moras make for GREAT backup knives.
They're a great value and light enough that they don't wear you out like a heavy chopper will.

Anonymous said...

Another possibility for pack - small meat cleaver. Very inexpensive when purchased at 2nd hand store, and will definitely do a good job chopping wood for fire as a mini hatchet. Provides more edge for slicing too. The back and leading edge makes for a decent shovel spade.

riverwalker said...

Those are some great tips.



Knives said...

Really nice looking knife, I want one!

riverwalker said...

It's just a cheap knife that has a firestarter with it. Doesn't replace my EDC knife but kept in various packs just in case. I bought about five or six because they were cheap solely for the purpose of having an extra blade in all my packs as a backup.



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