Sunday, February 26, 2012

Riverwalker’s Review - Online Survival Course - Selco’s -One Year in Hell

Selco’s - One Year in Hell Course from gives you the unique opportunity to learn the hard realities of survival and what it actually takes to survive. Selco talks about his real world experience before, during and after a real SHTF event.

You can learn what works, what didn’t and why in a true SHTF event that places real life survival in a unique perspective, that of a real survivor. You will also find out some hard truths along the way. You will develop a new perspective about survival information when you find out how the media and politicians spread their propaganda with little regard for anything or anyone other than themselves.

Selco also covers the many aspects of group survival and the strength in numbers. He gives extremely useful information about why you will need a trusted group of family and friends, how large a group is manageable and why certain skills among members of that group are essential to your survival.

This online survival course is offered in several podcasts that come in a downloadable format, several videos and includes access to a special forum where you can directly ask Selco questions about the different reasons and strategies he employed to survive a true SHTF event. It also includes Selco’s Survival Guide (1.87 MB) in a downloadable PDF format. Here is a brief excerpt from Selco’s Survival Guide.

From the Selco Survival Guide:

“No matter how many freeze-dried blueberry muffins you have stocked, the day will come when the last one is gone and all you have is your big sacks of rice or grain, if anything at all.

This course begins at that day. The focus here is on the uncomfortable, stinky, brutal and depressing side of survival. This is what I can talk about best, because this is what I experienced.”

Selco also gives you valuable insights into the techniques and strategies he used to survive. The simple things that worked to help him survive are revealed in an uncompromising and very straight-forward manner.

“The best protection is always to stay hidden. Think like an assassin, nobody can attack something that is not there and can also not defend themselves from a threat they do not know about.”

Also included in the course is Selco’s list of preparations (in a downloadable PDF format) with the details of what he used to actually survive a real SHTF event. He covers the basic items he stocked, the “extras” and why, He reveals what worked for bartering purposes and what didn’t work and the dangers of trading in a black market during a SHTF event.

This course involves the harsh realities when it comes to survival. You will learn the brutal truths of what it really takes to truly survive a SHTF event.

The course currently features approximately 8 hours of audio, 3 videos with additional videos that will be available in the future, and downloadable PDF files. This online survival course is available at a subscription price of only $29.95 and may quite literally be the best thirty dollars you have ever spent.

You can view the video trailer for this course here:

Selco’s Online Survival Course is available here:

Get lifetime access for a limited time to Selco's Online Survival Course for only $29.95 and learn from someone who experienced a true SHTF event.

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Staying above the water line!



Selco said...

Thank you for the positive feedback Riverwalker. Glad you enjoy my course.

riverwalker said...

To: Selco

I found your insights very enlightening and you have brought the harsh realities of survival into a new light. I will be checking the forums for more information and other's thoughts on the different experiences you have covered.

Thanks Selco.


Anonymous said...

I visit Selco's website as well and it has a lot of great insights that would not occur to anyone unless they have spent time of civilization taking a vacation. Especially the long term effects on the young and older people.

I haven't purchased the course yet, but I do appreciate the review.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:25

One of the things he covered was that in rural areas actual lifestyles didn't change drastically. Most of the people in rural areas had a simpler lifestyle which created less change in their lives and less situations to adjust to in their daily lives.

I myself wonder just how much people with a lot higher of standard of living will be able to adjust if "life as they know it" it suddenly all goes away.

Thanks anon.


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