Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stealth Gardening - How to EAT in a SHTF World

Please, Please, Please, do NOT take this article as a general assumption, just as my thoughts on long term planning! I've seen so many posts claiming that many preppers have 500 pounds of rice, wheat and beans or whatever...when it’s all gone, then what? Sure, you may have a year or more supply of basic food staples but let's look at the big picture.

Let's assume there are 3 different types of gun owners. Type A just bought a big black nasty gun, assumes he can kill anything, but never goes to the range. Type B bought a big black gun, but only goes to the range every 6 months. Type C, well he has a gun for every critter on earth and goes shooting every weekend!
 In a SHTF scenario, Type A will just scare off the game, type B may get a few, and type C will get the leftovers...not a good plan!!!

Based on the previous assumption that you have 500 pounds of each food staple....have you ever loaded it to bug out? We're just talking the dry stuff, not the camping gear, generator, solar panels, propane, fuel, etc. I drive a 1 ton dually and there would not be room for 30 or more 5 gallon buckets in it, much less the camping gear! So, unless you own a U-Haul or some other kind of big trailer, your stuff just won't fit in there!

   Don't plan on hunting once you get to your bug out spot either, as everyone else will have the same plan because they will be starving for food also. And if you are lucky enough to have a few acres to garden, the zombies will try to take anything halfway ripe. Anything that looks like a plowed field or a garden is an open invitation to be raided.

So, how do we make a garden that won't be raided by zombies??

Plant things they won't see!

Everyone knows what a tomato plant or corn looks like. Any bright color plant will get attention. A green pepper is less likely to be seen than a red pepper, a tomatilla (green tomato) will hide nicely...peas and beans 50 feet away from a trail won't draw attention. Maybe you could use something like an old badminton net for a lattice for the beans or peas to grow on or to camouflage the tomatoes? Think eggplant, potato, carrot....how many non-preppers could spot a potato or carrot top? Root veggies keep better and are never seen by most. If you stumbled across a patch of dandelions, you would know they are edible but would anybody else? The leaves are edible and the roots can be cooked like carrots!

So, in general...my concept of “Stealth” gardening is... the less obvious, the better!

Dean in AZ

Thanks Dean for a great guest post.

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Very good post, some of us could fill a large trailer with some of preps and still be lacking room, lol.

Also take the time to get to learn to identify and how use native plants that already grown everywhere. Learn NOW when they should be harvested, what parts are good to go and the parts that are to be avoided.

Search on Native American tribes that existed there and what they harvested. Also learn the medicinals along the way - never hurts to know.

Ruth Trowbridge said...

Getting to the meat and potatoes now - excellent posting here - peace

John said...

Go, go guerrilla gardening!

Mark Bolton said...

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