Saturday, February 25, 2012

Survival Entertainment - The Alternate Use for Playing Cards

The stress derived from being in a survival situation can often be lessened with simple activities. These simple activities will help you to pass the time and it will give your brain a chance to relax and unwind. They can also have an alternate use that may be critical to your survival. One of the simplest types of item that can be used for entertainment purposes that is easy to use and simple to carry is a deck of cards.

With a wide variety of games that can be played by persons of any age, they should be considered for inclusion in your survival gear. A simple deck of cards can be used to occupy younger family members during a crisis when adult members may be otherwise busy or distracted by more pressing needs. A simple deck of cards can also be used in two distinct ways to increase your chances for survival.

Unlike a trail of bread crumbs that may be eaten by the local wildlife, a deck of playing cards can make an excellent means of marking your trail. They are colorful and usually easily seen when left lying around. They also give you the opportunity to leave numerous clues about your whereabouts or the direction you may have gone. Putting it quite simply, they make excellent trail markers that will indicate a human presence in the area.

 Cards also offer you an opportunity to leave a written message on each one. Sometimes a simple message may be all that is needed for someone to find you or be made aware of your situation. You can also get cards in jumbo sizes that are even easier to see or water-resistant (plastic coated) versions that are slightly more rugged.

When it comes to playing cards, If your survival is at stake, this is one time you may not want to "hold 'em".

Is your survival “in the cards”?

Staying above the water line!



millenniumfly said...

Never thought about using playing cards like that. Thanks.

Someone You Know said...


As always, thanks for sharing your great ideas.

Here's two websites for card game rules - Alphabetical Index of Card Games

Bicycle Playing Cards - Card Game Rules

riverwalker said...

To: milleniumfly

Cards are just one of many things that can be used a trail marker or signalling device...just have to stop and put on the old "thinking cap".



riverwalker said...

To: Someone You Know (a.k.a.Getting Started In
Emergency Preparedness

Thanks. Sometimes the solution to your problem is right in front of you.All we usually need to do is pay attention to what we have and how it can serve our needs.

Thanks again.


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