Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Tips for Preppers - Misc. Tips - Part 3

Tip # 1: Field Expedient Deodorant

Simply mix two parts of regular cornstarch to one part of baking soda. This powdered deodorant works best if used after bathing. This can also be used on boots, tennis shoes, and regular shoes to help eliminate odors.

Tip # 2: Field Expedient Treatment for Injured Fingers

Cut a large enough hole in a potato (it doesn’t need to be peeled) to place your sore or injured finger in and the starch in the potato will work to relieve the soreness and swelling. Professional athletes use this potato trick to relieve minor swelling and soreness of injured fingers.

Tip # 3: Cooking Beans without Gas Problems

If you eat a lot beans but they create gas problems for you, try cooking them with a few slices of potato. This helps to reduce the gas, and has no affect on the taste of the beans. The potato slices will cook up completely and you can also use instant mashed potatoes to achieve the same results.

Tip # 4: Securing Your Buttons

You should reinforce the buttons on your clothes the minute you take them home from the store. Loosing buttons is a constant problem with most clothing due to the problems with mass production. You should also include spare buttons for all your clothes in your sewing kits.

Tip # 5: Night Navigation

If the moon rises before the sun sets, the illuminated side will be west. If the moon rises after midnight, the illuminated side will be east. This can help you to determine an approximate east - west direction at night.

Staying above the water line!



scoutinlife said...

Great tips liked the bean one!

Panhandle Tex said...

Concerning gasiness and beans it also helps to soak them over night and then pour that water off, rinse them, then refill and cook them. They also will cook a lot faster.

Panhandle Tex

Anonymous said...

Great tips Riverwalker - I don't believe I've read any of them before. Appreciate the time to type them out for us to read.


riverwalker said...

To: scoutinlife, panhandle tex,j.r.

Thanks evrybody! Some are old and some are new - mainly a reminder!


Marie said...

These are fantastic--I always appreciate your Tuesday Tips--thanks!

riverwalker said...

To: marie

Glad you enjoy the tips. Hope they are useful to you.


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