Saturday, February 14, 2009

Storage Food Recipe - Southern Style Cole Slaw

Here is one of Mrs. RW’s recipes for cole slaw. This is a quick and simple recipe that you can fix ahead of time for lunch or dinner. The fifty pounds of cabbage I recently brought home doesn’t last long around our place with the way Mrs. RW cooks.

1 Large Head of Cabbage (shredded)

1/2 Large White Onion (chopped)

1 Green Bell Pepper (chopped and seeds removed)

1 Cup of Sugar (may use less as an option)

1 Cup of Oil

1 Cup of Vinegar

Combine the cabbage, onion and bell peppers in a large glass bowl. Combine the sugar with the oil and vinegar and pour over salad mixture. DO NOT STIR. DO NOT ADD SALT. Place in refrigerator for several hours or overnight and it's ready to eat. It's great with smoked brisket.

I personally insure that it has a very short shelf life. I try to eat as much as I can!

Staying above the water line!



foodstr2 said...

THANK YOU!! I cannot stand mayonnaise (which most recipes for this have) and I LOVE this recipe!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This is really quick and simple recipe, I am very poor in cooking,I think simple recepies like this will initiate me to cook with more interest :-)

HermitJim said...

Ahhh you've gone and made me hungry! All I need now ids some fried catfish and cornbread.

Thanks to Mrs. RW for the recipe...

riverwalker said...

To: HermitJim

I make a mean brisket that'll melt in your mouth but when it comes to the fixins' to go with it, Mrs. RW is the best! Thanks.


Thomas Miller said...

All easily grown in a garden, too.
Thanks, Mrs. RW!

riverwalker said...

To: RV Survivalist

Many of the simpler things in life are also sometimes the best. Thanks.


Ken said...

...the Mrs says a BIG THANX from my Mrs,to yer Mrs...we hate the mayo/miraclewhip stuff're gonna try it this week...

...ever notice,all the best foods begin with 'Southern Style'...

gott_cha said...

Just checkin in RW.

Good recipe.....a favorite 'round here in the Carolinas

riverwalker said...

To: Ken

I'm pretty much a mustard fan myself. Ever notice that when they make a hot dog with sauer kraut they use mustard and NOT mayo?

The Mrs. says thanks to your MRS. She even gave me another recipe for a kraut dish that's even easier and tastes just as good (ate a whole mess of it tonight!).



riverwalker said...

To: gott_cha

Figured you were hangin' around out there somewhere. Good to hear from you. Doing OK here!


BTW, have you made the move yet?

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