Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Storing Food for Long Term Survival Purposes

Storing food for long term survival is a critical part of being prepared. As the potential for more problems with finances, unemployment, and housing becomes more of a real problem, many people are seeking to learn how to store food and other necessary items to safeguard their families during a crisis or an emergency.

Make a plan before you start your food storage for emergencies. Create an inventory list detailing what your food storage items should include to meet the needs of your family. This will be a combination of what you already have available and what you will need.
Make a detailed list of food items you need to purchase. Check the prices and the availability of the food items your family will need.

Buy a variety of items as you build your emergency food storage. Divide your budget into several different categories, rather than just buying one extra food item one month and a different food item the next month. If you need your supplies sooner than you might have expected, you would probably benefit more by having a little of everything on hand.

You can download a free safety guide for your food storage program here:

Safe Home Food Storage

As you make progress in how to store food items for long term survival, it will become easier for you manage your food inventory and achieve your goals.

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Bruce said...

You might want to consider canned meats, canned cheese and canned butter. From this website, canned foods can store for MANY years: http://www,internet-grocer.net/how-long.htm

riverwalker said...

To: Bruce

Canned fish products would be a great item also...tuna,sardines, etc. Canned poultry...chicken, turkey, etc. Butter can be home canned a lot cheaper than the ready made canned butter. Thanks for the link.


Bruce said...

One other thought, there's a *real* easy-to-use food planner at http://www.internet-grocer.net/planner.htm

All you need to do is enter the number of kids under 7 years old, and the number of people over 7 and it automatically calculates the amount of (a wide variety of) foods for a year.

riverwalker said...

To: Bruce

Thanks for the link!


Anonymous said...

I'm new at food storage . I've been just buying wise foods buckets. I went to SAMs and bought some big cans of veggies. It's kinda expensive , I feel like I'm waisting my money . Meaning I could be getting a lot more food for what I'm putting out financially . I don't know how to dehydrate food or jar food . What can I buy that has a long shelf life , easy to prepare , taste good and cheap so I can bulk more .

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