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Supplements for Survival - Product Review and Giveaway - Tactical Protein Replacement

Many of us are already aware of the need for vitamin and mineral supplements to help insure our diets contain all the necessary nutrients. We often fail to realize that there are other nutrients that are as equally important to our survival. One of these essential nutrients is protein.
Protein is required for maintaining and repairing tissue (especially muscle), to keep our immune system functioning properly, production of necessary hormones and providing energy for our body. These important body functions may be significantly impaired without the consumption of adequate amounts of protein. This can be a critical factor in a survival scenario.

Symptoms of inadequate protein consumption may include weight loss (including muscle tissue),  fatigue or a general overall weak feeling, an increased susceptibility to infections, and swelling (edema) due to fluid retention. When your body is low on protein, it can also enter the “starvation mode”. One of the early signs that indicate a lack of protein is muscle weakness. Unfortunately, our bodies don’t store protein and this essential nutrient must come from the foods we consume on a daily basis. This could create problems If we don’t know where our next meal is coming from or when.

The Product

A tactical protein replacement from called SurvivAmino  was chosen for this test. It is a fat-free, non GMO, gluten free protein supplement that contains no artificial preservatives or meat or dairy products. This is a big plus in my opinion. This supplement is also in a form that makes it readily absorbable by the body. This also makes it a suitable product for use by those who require a gluten free product or wish to maintain a strict vegetarian diet.

The Review

For this review, a 72 hour scenario was utilized to check the effectiveness of a protein supplement to:

1. Use as a supplement to avoid cramps or swelling during normal activity levels.

On the first day, the protein supplement was used instead of my normal breakfast of scrambled eggs prior to my daily hike/walk. There was some minor cramping in my right leg after several miles but  was “walked off” and my hike/walk was continued without further problems.

2. Use as a supplement to avoid weakness or fatigue due to strenuous activity with limited caloric intake.

On the second day, the protein supplement was used a meal replacement for lunch. The day was spent in a period of fairly steady activity while doing some minor repairs to my bug-out van. Overall the lack of an actual meal did not hinder my ability to work at a steady pace and work wasn't discontinued until well into the afternoon. At this time, temperatures were getting extremely hot and required a break in my activity.

3. Use as a meal replacement to avoid hunger pains due to lack of a sufficient meal.

On the third day, the protein supplement was used as a total meal replacement. Activities for the day were pretty routine and not anything of a strenuous nature. Even though I had missed two meals already, my appetite wasn't that great. After eating a small evening meal, my hunger was satisfied. While this supplement shouldn't be used on a regular basis as a meal substitute, it actually did quite well in this regards. It is best to remember that we get additional nutrients from our food and should make every effort possible to eat regular meals when possible.

Overall Review

The contents of the tactical protein supplement were securely packaged and included both an outer seal on the cap and an inner seal to protect the integrity of the product. The dosage size was five tablets and the supplement contained a total of 100 tablets. The packaging gets a thumbs up.

The tablets are fairly large and required them to be swallowed individually. If you have trouble swallowing large pills, you would probably need to break them in half. In my case, they were just swallowed one at a time.

There is no taste factor involved. When compared with Mrs. RW’s home made granola/protein bars, the clear winner in the taste department was Mrs. RW’s protein bars. The pills won’t satisfy your taste buds even  though they had readily available amounts of protein.

A tactical protein supplement can serve you well when hiking or backpacking, as an addition to your bug-out bag or as a means to keep the amount of proteins in your body at sufficient levels. Since the body doesn't store protein, it doesn't hurt to keep a good protein supplement available for when it might be needed. These tablets also have a good shelf life and come in a portable form that is easily stored or carried.

The Giveaway
One lucky reader will receive a free product sample of Survivamino from by leaving a comment about your experience using protein supplements. A winner will be chosen at random from the comments on this post and announced at a later date. Those of you wishing to obtain this protein supplement can also visit and use the promo code “rwalker” to receive a discount on your purchase of Survivamino at checkout.

While many people realize the importance of supplements to aid our diet, protein supplements are quite often neglected and sometimes fail to be included in an effort to maintain proper dietary nutrient levels for our survival.

Got protein?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Good points made. I have some 'protein shake' powdered materials, but it is at least 10 years old, and probably not good any more. I have forgotten about it until your post.

Thank you for bringing up this subject.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 12:32

The protein powders can be very bulky in a lot of cases which makes them hard to store(need a lot of space) and not very easy to transport.

The protein tablets seem to make a lot more sense in this regard and these particular ones don't have any unwanted additional ingredients.


Anonymous said...

Are these stable enough to throw in a bag and forget about? I would also rather eat the homemade granola bars but I can see the value of this kind of supplement.

riverwalker said...

To: anon 8:39

They have a good shelf life but need to be stored in a cool, dry environment. If you are keeping your BOB in the trunk of your vehicle, they will lose their potency quicker.

Like all supplements, they will lose a certain amount of potency over time but should work well for your BOB.


vlad said...

A tactical protein supplement can serve you well when hiking or backpacking, as an addition
to your bug-out bag or as a means to keep the amount of proteins in your body at sufficient
levels. Since the body doesn't store protein, it doesn't hurt to keep a good protein supplement available for when it might be
needed. These tablets also have a good shelf life and come in a portable form that is easily
stored or carried.

Let's eat right to keep fit by Adelle Davis
Chapter Four

Every instant of life, body proteins are being broken down by enzymes in your cells, and if your
health is to be maintained, amino acids must be available for immediate replacement. Since the
waste products are excreted by the kidneys, the urine can be analyzed for nitrogen which comes only from proteins; the quantity of nitrogen found in the urine shows the amount of body tissue being
replaced at any given time. If your diet is adequate, the cells, by the help of
enzymes, combine fresh amino acids into new proteins. Food proteins,therefore, are needed continuously from birth
until death. If your diet is complete in other respects, you can maintain health whenever all
the required amino acids are generously supplied.

When you eat more protein than your body can use immediately, your liver withdraws amino acids from your blood and changes them temporarily into storage protein. As your cells use amino acids, the supply is replenished from the breakdown of stored protein.
As long as your diet is adequate, the amount of amino acids in your blood is thereby kept relatively
constant. If you ignore your health to the extent of eating insufficient protein, the stored protein is quickly exhausted. From that time on, the less important body tissues are destroyed to free amino acids needed to rebuild more vital structures. Such a process may go on month after month or even year after year. Your body continues to function after
a fashion. Unseen abnormalities set in because blood proteins, hormones, enzymes, and antibodies can no longer be formed in amounts needed.
end excerpt

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