Friday, August 30, 2013

Gambling with Nature - The Uninsured Loss

Life is a gamble. Sometimes you win but eventually you will lose if given enough time.  The cost sometimes out weighs the risks and you will need to be prepared if your gamble doesn't pay off. You need to be prepared for the consequences and accept the fact that your attempt to beat nature has failed.

For a decade and a half my gamble with nature has finally resulted in a big loss. There have been minor setbacks over the years but nature has finally won the battle. A recent storm has damaged my bug-out retreat beyond repair. Having lost more than sixty percent of the roof and close to 100 percent of the contents due to heavy rains that accompanied the storm, there is little left to do other than a salvage operation.

The overall dollar value of the place was fairly insignificant but is still hard to accept. Realizing that the cost of insurance would have been way more than the structure was actually worth, a decision was made to save the extra cost and take a chance. The cost of insurance would have doubled the cost of the structure and now the place is just an uninsured loss.

All my time and savings will now have to be focused on replacing the damaged structure and restoring my bug-out retreat to a usable state. Even though it wasn't a huge investment, it is still hard to accept the consequences of my actions by gambling with nature.

Got uninsured loss?

Staying above the water line!



Gorges Smythe said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Such things damage the spirit as much as the wallet sometimes.

TandLJackson said...

As a west Texan, who's seen many of the things you have shared over the years, I am soory to hear about your loss, especially at this time. The Lord won't bring you to it if he won't bring you through it.
Got Perserverance?
Blessings to you and we look forward to some updates. This is a teachable moment.

Ed Vaisvilas said...

Now you get to custom build the new one...just looking on the bright side.
Not sure how far you are from Galveston, but close enough, and you got one for the "barn-raisin'".

John Wesley Smith said...

I echo the sentiments of others who have commented already. All the best with regrouping and recovering.

Anonymous said...

My condolences for the losses. I'm on a budget too and have to pick and choose my purchases carefully, getting the most 'bang for my buck'. The point above made is good - the improvements with their replacement will make it more comfortable.

DonFenix said...

Sorry to hear about your situation. Playing devils advocate for a minute:

Look at this as a learning experience. If it wasn't able to withstand the storm you just had. If there were a larger calamity that necessitated using you Bug-Out-Location, would you have even been able to?

Just looking for the silver lining in the fact that now you can rebuild with this experience in mind. Best wishes.

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