Monday, June 17, 2013

Urban Survival Tools - Part One

Urban Survival Tool

Many times the tools shown being used for survival deal with rural or wilderness settings. The truth of the matter is that far more of us will be dealing with survival in an urban setting. The vast majority of people don't live in remote wilderness areas but instead must deal with the problems of surviving in an urban environment. If things go bad or take a turn for the worse, you may wish you had a different set of tools to get the job done.

In my next series of posts, we will take a look at the various kinds and types of tools you may need for urban survival. Even the simplest of tools can make an extreme difference when viewed from the perspective of an urban environment. There are many unique challenges to surviving in an urban setting. Hopefully you will have the right tools when needed.

In Part Two, we will do a real "world test" of  the Smith & Wesson Extraction & Evasion Tool.

Got urban survival tools?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Very good thoughts there - most of us work in the town or city, and 'Bushcraft' may take a back seat to 'Homeless Living Techniques' for the short term. Tools on gaining materials would be most helpful.

Thank you.

Ed Vaisvilas said...

As in the wilderness, knowledge is a very important tool in urban settings. A basic understanding of electricity, how to get water if the city pumps stop (same for extracting gas from inactive tanks at abandoned service stations), remembering that camo that works in the woods won't help you in the city. The list goes on.

Ed Vaisvilas said...

This doesn't give me the option to get followup comments until after I've posted.

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