Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bushcraft - Central Texas Style - Learning to Hide in Plain Sight

Many times nature is at its best when helping creatures to hide in plain sight. What should be obvious to the eye is not always readily apparent. A little skill in knowing the habits of nature's creatures make them easier to find or avoid. 

One such creature is the Texas spiny lizard. Their coloration allows them to easily blend into their environment but they also maintain a place of safety that is readily accessible should they be discovered. In the case of the Texas spiny lizard, they like to hide in the loose bark of dead trees. All you have to do to discover their presence is peel away the bark to reveal their place of safety.

Here is a closer view of a Texas spiny lizard. They have the ability to remain absolutely motionless, even when exposed to help prevent their presence being revealed. They can also swiftly retreat to a different place of safety when their hiding place has been discovered.

Nature teaches many valuable lessons if you pay close attention to your environment.

Got natural survival lessons?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Little 'Mini-Godzillas' - I remember those on the ranch walls. Grow to be around 10" max. or so ?

Ken said...

...caught a couple of those lil'monsters when we was young'uns, needed a good eye that's for sure...

riverwalker said...

I was poking around in the yard and spotted this little fellow watching me from behind a piece of bark on a dead tree in the yard.

I have a tendency to get that feeling of being watched at different times and if I concentrate a little on my surroundings I can usually locate the critter that's watching me.

Kind of need to remember that just because you don't always see them...they're watching you and are aware of your presence.



Survival Knife Reviews said...

Those guys really do blend. Had to stare for a second to see them haha.

Whysprs aka Brad said...

I tottally agree ... Ive been saying for years that nature has many diffrent camos to use and was actually laughed off some boards for stating that natural patterns like deer, rabbit, coyotee, cougar and reptile patterns are very good if not better than some of the stuff on the market... shortly there after coyotee brown started being used alot more often by people

riverwalker said...

To: Whysprs

A lot of manufactured camo patterns wont even get close to hiding your presence. You often have to use brush, grass or other items and plants to supplement the camo effect to get the desired result.

Sometimes a plain old brown color(coyote) works just as well if not better.


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