Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fixed Blade Alternatives - The Lock Back Folder

Most fixed blades can be rather conspicuous when carried on your person. They can be difficult to carry in a way that makes them less obvious and threatening to those persons you might encounter. There is an alternative that can give you similar dependability and strength. This alternative is the lock back folder.

Lock back folders have been around quite a while and are sometimes referred to as folding hunters. This style of pocket knife was popularized by various companies but most notably by Buck Knives and the term “Buck” knife became a popular reference for the lock back folder.

While similar in some respects to a traditional pocket knife, the lock back folder incorporates a blade locking mechanism that usually has a hook or lug on the backspring which locks the blade in place. This gives you a very stable platform when compared with a regular slipjoint style of pocket knife. There is an increased safety factor as the lock back design requires an additional action by the knife user to release the tension on the blade before it can be closed. The release mechanism is most often incorporated into the rear bolster.

Larger style lock back folders with blade lengths of 5 inches or more are generally carried in a belt sheath but there are smaller lock back folders with blade lengths of 3 inches or less that are ideal for pocket carry. This style of knife gives you a dependable alternative to a fixed blade that is ideal for urban environments where a more traditional fixed blade knife may be a little too conspicuous.

Got lock back?

Staying above the water line!



Ed Vaisvilas said...

I've had a Craftsman lock-back for 30 years. The tip broke, as a result of my brother using it as a prybar, so I ground the blade down to the shape of a sheep's foot(?).
Oh, FYI, I just moved back from England, where lock-backs are illegal. I was even questioned, carrying my 2 1/2 inch Old Timer, which I've had since the flood!

riverwalker said...

To: Ed

I've got several different knives that I carry depending upon my environment...urban or rural. I usually have at least a couple of knives on me at all times.

Doesn't hurt to have a back up.

The one in the picture is a small 3 inch lock back folder. It's a little beat up from pocket carry but still works fine.

Thanks Ed.


Anonymous said...

Lock backs are indeed handy knives to carry. My favorite lock backs are the mid sized Copperhead patterns, 4" long closed length or thereabouts.

idahobob said...

I have a titanium handled lock back folder that I have carried for over 30 years.

It has been a dependable tool for me.

Unfortunately the blade has shrunk in size over the year, due to sharpening.


chinasyndrome said...

Please sign it folks!


Anonymous said...

I love my Grandpa's old, old Buck knife.


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