Monday, January 21, 2013

Water and Your Survival

No matter how many things you manage to prepare for ahead of time, you will always need water in order to survive. A simple container with an open top can be used to save additional supplies of water for a variety of different needs. When combined with a decent water filtration system, you can manage to accumulate significant amounts of water to get you by in a crisis.

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

There he is . . . :^)

Water indeed is a precious item, I wish we could depend on steady rains to allow us to rotate our water stocks.

Someone You Know said...

Riverwalker and other readers,

Great point Riverwalker that I would like to add to.

You and your family can use any food-safe container (five-gallon bucket, ice chest, trash can with a plastic liner, or ...) to collect water, just not the 55-gallon barrel shown for drinking.

Y'all can also use this method to extend your potable water storage by using the collected water to flush toilets, clean floors, water the garden, and ...

Peace, Someone You Know

riverwalker said...

To: Someone You Know

I have quite a bit of potable water stored. I store extra to make sure we have water for the plants in the greenhouse, the chickens, the dog and the garden as well.

If my water supplies start to dry up, I can always treat some of the extra water for drinking or cooking.



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