Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Survival Hygiene - The No Rinse Solution

One of the first things to disappear in a crisis is the availability of fresh water. Water is essential to many of our daily activities including drinking, cooking and bathing. The ability to maintain a decent level of cleanliness in a crisis can be limited by your access to adequate resources of water. While most of your water resources will probably be devoted to drinking and cooking, it is still necessary to maintain adequate levels of cleanliness in order to avoid other problems that could affect not only your health but your overall sense of well-being. This is where the No Rinse solution can solve that problem.

Keeping a supply of cleaning products, such as body wash or shampoo, that don’t require water can solve this problem. Many people are unaware that there are products available that don’t require water in order to maintain an excellent level of cleanliness. These products are available in sizes that can accommodate a BOB or GHB to satisfy your needs and there are larger sizes that work well to meet the needs of a whole family. This can be extremely important if you have allergies or suffer from dry skin. Plus you won’t have to rinse off any residue. All it requires is a dry towel to wipe down with afterwards. Mrs. RW likes to clean her feet with the body wash before bedtime. She spends a lot of time walking around barefoot and she likes the way it only takes a few drops of the body wash to clean her feet before bedtime. I like the way it leaves you with a clean feeling and doesn’t dry out my skin...which is dry enough already. The shower caps are also an excellent way to keep your hair clean without using water. Just use a good comb or brush to rake all the leaves and other debris out of your hair and put on the shampoo cap. A short massage and towel dry and your hair doesn’t feel like it’s glued to your head. Great item to keep the kids heads clean.

After my open heart surgery, I was left with some pretty significant scar tissue and the area is not only very sensitive but needs to be kept as clean as possible. This product allowed me to clean a very sensitive area without any irritation. This is a big plus in my opinion.

While there is really no substitute for a hot shower or a warm bath, this may be the least of your worries in a crisis. Still, it is important to remember that maintaining a certain level of cleanliness will be required and water resources will more often than not be severely limited. No Rinse offers an excellent line of products which include an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. If you are looking for a means to stay clean while conserving your water resources in a crisis, these are products that are excellent additions to any disaster or survival kit

Got the “No Rinse” solution?

Staying above the “water-less” line!



Anonymous said...

Good thought - if I were on the move, water would be for drinking and cleaning my cooking implements (boiled out), keeping clean will be a problem, especially in the summer.

CottonLady said...

I also like the No Rinse as I am dealing with a broken foot. No showering for awhile, and this keeps me clean and smelling sweet! :) This is an excellent and necessary thing to have on hand. Glad you wrote about it.

Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

I use the No Rise shampoo when camping. We try to camp where there are no facilities, so we go minimalist with our trailer.

Ken said...

...used these a couple times in the past, great products, no reactions...

...also worth havin' is the no scent sprays for hunters (come on now, how many times have ya been at deer camp/camping or sumthin and could 'smell' yer buddies...not necessarily b.o. just an odor, 'their' odor)anyway, a nose is a powerful asset...especially if your the hunted

riverwalker said...

The fact that you don't need additional water to use these products make them a good addition to your survival gear and kits.

They also work really well if you have an injury or sensitive area that needs to be kept cleaned.


BTW, Ken...When we're out camping or fishing I've got a few of those friends that even a good dunking in the river wouldn't help much with the "nose" factor.lol

merlen hogg said...

I loved reading this piece! Well written!

Merlen Hogg

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