Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Survival Gear Test - Lil’ RW Tests the Gerber Gator Jr.

Lil’ RW wanted to get in on the action and chose his Gerber Gator Jr. machete for a survival gear test. Having used my larger and heavier machetes a few times, Lil’ RW decided to go with the lighter and more compact design of the Gerber Gator Jr. He also said the length was just right and the handle was easy to grip.

Lil’ RW liked the reinforced nylon sheath that comes with the Gerber Gator Jr. It fit the blade well and offered safe storage for the blade when not in use. Lil’ RW said this was important to keep from having an accident and cutting yourself.

Lil’ RW also liked the sharp edge of the blade which sunk easily into the wood when chopping.

Lil’ RW said a sharp edge was needed if you had to do some serious chopping.

Lil’ RW also liked the saw tooth design on the back of the machete which he said was good for cutting limbs. 

Lil’ RW also liked the lanyard which comes with the Gerber Gator Jr. He stated it gave him a lot more control when holding the machete.

Lil’ RW also said it was important to clean your machete after you use it and to properly store it away in its sheath.

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight machete, Lil’ RW says you need to get a Gerber Gator Junior with sheath. He also stated that it would be good to have just in case you meet any zombies.

It also cost Grandpa less than $20.

Got Gator Jr.?

Staying above the water line!


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