Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Prepper Retreat

The need for a prepper retreat should be governed by the use of some common sense planning. The majority of times your present home would be a much better place to “hunker down” if something goes wrong. There may be those times that “bugging out” will be required but that doesn’t mean you will need a separate retreat. There are several qualities for a prepper retreat that will be needed if it is to truly serve your needs and not be an extra burden.

Important Qualities for a Prepper Retreat

1. Accessible. - It’s been said enough times that this part of developing a prepper retreat should be a “no brainer”. Any place you may be considering should be readily accessible in any type of weather. If you can’t get there, it’s not going to do you much good.

2. Affordable. - Any place you may decide to use as a prepper retreat must be affordable. If the cost of a prepper retreat leaves you on the edge of bankruptcy, you may want to consider other options. One option is a group purchase. This allows the cost to be divided amongst more than one person or family. When making a group purchase, there will be extra costs involved for separate surveys and deeds. Everyone involved in a group purchase will need their own place. This was a major cost of my own prepper retreat but it has worked out well. There will be less conflict between group members as a result.

3. Arable. - . A prepper retreat should also have a significant amount of arable land. If you decide to homestead the property, being able to grow food crops will be of prime importance. Certain conditions, like a desert or rocky area, will not lend themselves to a sustainable level of crop production to make adequate food production for your family viable. It will also make it more difficult to raise livestock.

4. Access to Water. - A good source of water or easy access to water will be another necessity. If you have to haul water, you are going to have additional expenses and be doing a lot of extra work. Sometimes even a simple water well can cause unneeded problems that could have been avoided in the first place.

5. Defensible. - This may seem like an odd quality for a prepper retreat but it is a necessary one. If things get really bad, it can become one of the most important qualities that should be considered when deciding if a certain area will make a good prepper retreat. Does it give you the ability to defend yourself properly?

An affordable retreat with easy access that affords you a proper source of water and a significant amount of arable land that is easily defended will make a good choice. The main problem is finding a retreat with all of these qualities. This may not be possible and you may have to settle for something slightly less perfect.

Got prepper retreat?

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

I'd also make sure that any utility or mining easements of said property are researched before you purchase. Mineral rights are often not sold with property, and you would not believe the carnage which can occur with utilities passing through property.

Gorges Smythe said...

Good post.

riverwalker said...

To: anon 7:32

Good points!

It was necessary to get a road easement into the property I purchased. I didn't want to rely on the verbal agreement to access my property through someone else's property.

This could have caused some very real problems at a future date.

Thanks anon.


riverwalker said...

To: Gorges Smythe

Thanks you.


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