Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Survival Kit Gear Test - Will It Float?

Testing your survival gear is crucial when you want to make sure your gear will perform as needed. Usually, a small amount of effort and a little time on your part is all that is needed. This test was done in response to a reader who asked if the survival kit would float since it weighed approximately a pound. This was a fair question since wet gear can really ruin your day. Here are the results of the survival kit gear test.

After the test was completed, a check of all the contents showed there was no moisture present in the container after being floated and submerged. 

1.The survival kit was dropped into the tub of water from a height of about four feet.

2. The survival kit was left floating for approximately 15 minutes.

3. The survival kit was left submerged for approximately 15 minutes.

4. The contents of the survival kit were not heavy enough to sink the container.

5. All contents of the survival kit were high and dry after the test was completed.

This is a close-up view of the survival kit with all its contents floating in a tub of water. 

This answers the question...will it float? YES.

Reader Tip: Do not tie your survival kit to your boat anchor unless you want to hide it! 

The picture above shows the survival kit floating in a tub of water.

The picture above shows a view of the survival kit submerged in a tub of water for our gear test.

This answers the question....is it waterproof? YES.

The survival kit had to be weighted down with a large rock in order to get it submerged in the water. It was left there for several minutes and a check of the contents showed everything in the kit was still dry.

Reader Tip: If you don't have a large rock, you can use a boat anchor to weigh it down. This will allow you to hide your survival kit and thus make it a "Stealth" survival kit. 

Is your survival kit....

Staying above the water line?



Jenna Bird said...

That is great! I'm glad you were so thorough with this test (and the lil turtle thing is a cutie).

riverwalker said...

To; Jenna

Doesn't hurt to check your gear ahead of time to make sure it works.

Better to find out if there are any problems now instead of finding out later.

Thanks Jenna.


Brigid said...

What a great idea. I'm more worried about having to evacuate due eto severe weather than civil unrest, so waterproof is good.

riverwalker said...

To: Brigid

Rain and water can seriously ruin your day during a storm...it can also ruin your gear or render it unusable.

You are correct in that you will probably have to face a bad weather event before you encounter any civil unrest.

Yep! Waterproof is good.

Thanks Brigid.


Anonymous said...

Very well done - and relevant. This past weekend, our office had a water heater failure and we had a lot of water inside the office areas near it. There was an inch of water in my space - EVERYTHING on floor was soaked. Took half of our day yesterday to remove items and begin the drying out process. Wet Vacs - oh yeah, bring them in!

Right now, I'm surrounded by 4 squirrel cage fans running full blast to dry out carpet tile - we will be shortly taking off any minute, lol. Can't even hear my phone from three feet away, but thats the upside.

Point is, you don't have to be any where near water where waterproofing comes into play.

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