Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shooting After Surgery - Mounting a Scope on a B3 Air Rifle

There hasn’t been an opportunity to do much shooting after my surgery. The doctor said to pretty much forget about using the twelve gauge shotgun, the M&P 15 or my Mosin-Nagant for a while. That left my choices fairly limited. It was time to drag out the springer for a little shooting practice.

I recently picked up a little 4x air rifle scope (Tasco) at the big box store and decided to mount it on one of my springers. At a cost of $5 (it was clearance priced), I figured this might make a nice addition to my springer. It might even help an old guy with bad eyesight actually hit the target. Cheap scope on a cheap gun makes a good combination for my pocketbook.

There’s not a whole lot of expertise required for mounting a small scope on an air rifle. Just line the mounts up on the grooves in the receiver and tighten them down after checking for proper eye relief. Then shoot a few rounds and make the necessary windage and elevation adjustments till you can hit center target. 

I also took the time to change out the breech seal. This one was in pretty bad shape and I wanted to get the power of this air gun back up to speed. The breech seal will go bad after a while and the power of your air rifle will be significantly diminished if not replaced. I’ll cover that aspect in another post later. Many times you can pick up these B3 springers at garage or yard sales for $40 or less. Usually the only thing wrong with them is the breech seal has gone bad.

Shooting from a kneeling position and a standing position at a fifty yard target (the distance to my trash cans), the pellets were hitting off to the left. After some adjustment, I got four pellets to pretty much hit center mass. Then to double check everything, I put up a new target and shot a few more rounds. Everything still looked good.

If I see another possum digging in my trash, he better watch out!

Got springer with a scope?

Staying above the water line!



Gorges Smythe said...

I've heard that .22 scopes can't handle the jolt of an air rifle and that the gun eventually shakes the tecticle lose. But, I guess if that happens, you're not out much. They make special scopes for air guns, or a high-powered rifle scope would probably work, if your current one ever bites the dust.

Anonymous said...

too many people under estimate the power of an air rifle,a true shame.My cheap crosman has 1000fps,about the same as a .22.Sure,slow to reload,a break barrel type,but it puts a world of hurt on a 2x4! And cheap to fire!
Dean in

Anonymous said...

Georges Smythe is correct, a spring cocked air rifle has dual action recoil which damages even high quality scopes. The recoil is not from pellet, but from spring compression release and stop - backward and forward. Most scopes are for rear action only.

Its an inexpensive scope, but still, be a shame to ruin it prematurely. Hope this helps.

riverwalker said...

Going to give it a try...don't really shoot it all that often.

If it does fail, it won't be a big loss. I've seen some of those air rifle scopes that cost as much,if not more,than the air rifle itself.

Not much sense in spending big bucks on a $40 air rifle.



McKinnis Nation said...

This post is almost 2 years old and I have no idea if you still check in on your blog, but I was wondering if you could help. I have just purchased an air rifle like the one you have written about for $7. It works fine, but is missing a rear sight, the front sight is slightly bent and it has no scope mounts. My question is what kind of scope mounts should I use on it? it's a .177 cal, and finding info on the net is proving difficult. Hoping you may be able to help. Thank you.

You can leave a reply here

riverwalker said...

To: McKinnis

Most any type of air rifle scope should fit the grooves on the barrel and normally includes mounting hardware for the scope.


Loria Chrien said...

I have a cheep pallet gun with a 4X15 scope and I try to put in on a million times and it still won't shoot accurate if u have any tips please

Derrell said...

The first and important task to be done before setting up for shooting.

Mickle said...

To reached the target, one should follow your tips. As a hunter, I'm also going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

Anonymous said...

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