Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surviving A Heart Attack - RW"s Recovery From Open Heart Surgery

No matter how well prepared we may be, the unexpected quite often happens. In May of 2012, I suffered a "silent" heart attack. There were no crushing chest pains or arm numbness or any of the usual signs. It only showed up on a routine EKG while getting a checkup for a different problem that would turn out to be the only indicator that something was wrong. A complete series of test eventually lead to needing open heart surgery to correct the problem.

While I'm in recovery, I ask your patience in the number of posts that may be posted. RW, Jr. is also going to help out with some gear reviews and tests. There will also be some additional guest posts from a few of my friends.

 I will also be discussing the details of my survival and surgery with my friend, James T. Stevens, aka Dr. Prepper, on  http://www.bepreparedradio.com/ during his Noon show on Thursday. I sincerely regret that I missed my previously scheduled interview due to the unexpected need for surgery.

I would like to thank all my readers who have continued to follow Stealth Survival. Hopefully, it can be brought up to speed in the next couple of months as my recovery continues.

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Good luck, and take care of yourself. Don't sweat the blog. You'll still be in my RSS feed.

One Fly said...

OH MY RWalker!

I'm glad you're doing well and can receive the medical care you need.

May you have a very speedy and successful recovery.

kymber said...

no worries about the blog - we'll all still be here after you take the necessary time needed to recover!! please get better and do whatever is required in order to do so. you have my email - if you want any help with the blog, just please let me know! i will do whatever you ask!

i will be saying a special prayer for you until you are better. please just get better RW...we need our RW strong and healthy!

your friend,

Anonymous said...

Dude! My condolences, I wondered to where you went. I hope you make a full, speedy recovery. That is some scary stuff.

Kalvan said...

I knew something must have happened! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Will stay tuned.

Ellen said...

I'm glad they picked it up and you were able to get the problem corrected. Please take good care of yourself, and work hard at resting and recuperating for a while!

Ed Vaisvilas said...

Take your time, and get better, my friend!

CoolChange©© said...

I knew something was up. Take care and best wishes for a speedy mending.
I'll be here when you get up to speed.

John said...

Welcome back RW. I echo the sentiments of others in urging you to take your time and mend well. If there's anything I can do, just holler. Take care. All the best.
John at DestinySurvival.

Brigid said...

Take time to heal, we'll all be here. If you want any help with the blog, just ask, I've been crazy busy with Dad (Cancer treatment) but I'd be happy to provide photos or anything you need to round out a post.

Get well!

Double Tapper said...

I am a big believer in health preventative maintenance. Survival's first rule is to avoid placing yourself in survival situations. By catching it early, you have fulfilled Rule Number One! Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

Wilson said...

Don’t worry about the blog, take whatever time you need to get better. We’ll wait. Best wishes for your speedy recovery!

kmat said...

Welcome Back! We were worried about you as well. Get well soon.Let us know if we can help in any way.

Anonymous said...

Hang tough
Best wishes from San diego

mt1761 said...

get well, your readers are thinking about you and praying for you

idahobob said...

Wee RW, I was wondering if you had fallen off the planet or what.

Now that we know what the deal is.....our prayers include you, also.

We will specifically prayer that God rapidly heals your body, and uplifts your spirit.


idahobob said...

Rats.....misspelled Well.


Anonymous said...

Here's a few hints that helped me over the years - as a patient of many surgeries, and as a nurse:

Click your pain button before cough/deep-breathing/respiratory treatments, and getting out of bed.

When turning to your side, keeping your shoulders/hips/knees as square as possible will help decrease pain.

Body pillows are very nice.

Prayers for a speedy and complication-free recovery!

riverwalker said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

My recovery is going well so far but I will still need some more time to get back up to full strength.

Just need some additional time to heal and get my strength back.


Alex said...

Please take the time you need RW.. I (as well as many others) enjoy reading your blogs and admire your insight but your getting better is priority one! We will just have to wait! Get better soon!

Mike said...

Blessings for a strong recovery. Sure appreciate the info you provide. Take care.

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