Sunday, March 18, 2012

Serious LED Lights for Preparedness

These portable lights can be made with built-in batteries and also have a jack for a power cord for extended run time off a remote battery pack or regular vehicle. Insets: The cordless lights produce an incredible amount of light with long run times. The 12 VDC “light bulb” has a whopping 201 bright LED’s to put out roughly the same as an 80 Watt bulb using almost 90% less electricity.


Using the newest super efficient, high power surface mount LED ’s, SPC’s custom battery powered light sets can flood a house, shop, business or outdoors with brilliant penetrating white light. Unlike flashlights or camping lanterns that illuminate a relatively small area and often have “hot spots” or lines from the reflectors, SPC’s floods and bulbs can fill a large room with bright, evenly distributed light. 

SPC creates custom expandable light sets for your specific personal or business needs. The lights are water resistant, have a 30,000+ hour life and can be safely used indoors for whole house lighting as well as outdoors for security, camping, hunting, maintenance, work and play.

SPC has provided custom specialty lighting and safety devices to the military, businesses, first responders and preppers for over 25 years.

The portable lights with built in batteries use cast aluminum and steel enclosures, with heavy duty connectors, sealed switches and magnetic feet, and have  extension cords that allow the lights to run for extended periods off a vehicle or an optional SPC remote battery pack. Unlike most foreign batteries that have a 2-3 year life, SPC utilizes hi quality American made batteries that will hold their charge for up to a year, and offer a life span of up to ten years, so when you really need light, you have it.

By using 12 volt LED’s run directly from a battery, runtimes are increased significantly over systems that change 12 volts DC into 120 volts AC, and then back down to low voltage DC again, through the LED’s internal circuit, wasting power with each conversion.

The portable cordless and corded lights are available in any configuration and come in cool or warm white spots, floods, strip, and bulbs up to the equivalent of a staggering 2400 incandescent Watts to illuminate massive areas. Options include solar chargers, a remote battery pack, plug in wall charger, 5 volt USB port for charging electronics and a cigarette lighter socket to power a 120 volt AC inverter. From a simple single corded light that runs off a car lighter outlet to a solar charged battery pack with several high powered lights to illuminate a house or business, we can provide it.

At almost five bucks a gallon for gas, there’s no need to run a genset to provide light when you can silently and efficiently illuminate an entire house using power gathered from the day’s sun.

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Dennis Evers is the author of  How to Handle a Crisis. This book was written for the average person without specialized emergency training who wants to be prepared in the event of a crisis when emergency services may not be available.

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Thanks go out to my friend Dennis Evers for an excellent guest post.

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

Very neat concept, especially for small tasks indoor, but I wonder if so much illumination may be a hinderence. Such a bright light would be seen from miles off is flashed outdoors (especially in grid down situation). And moving around outside after being in such lighted environment - night blindness in the short term. So dimmer capability would be of great value, imo.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 12:31

Situational awareness comes to mind when you consider how much light you need.

If your goal is to get something fixed quickly and then move on...extra light may be in order. If you're in a static position and time isn't a factor you may be able to get by with less light and be less noticeable.

Thanks anon.


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