Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY Survival Gear Mods - Securing Shotgun Shells in a Holder

The last thing you want to do is lose your shotgun shells from their holder. Those extra rounds are important and you don’t want to risk accidentally losing them. If they don’t fit snugly in their holder, there’s a chance they may fall out and not be there when they are needed. There is a simple and low cost solution to this problem.

While elastic butt cuffs don’t normally experience this problem, the hard plastic shell carriers that are often used on collapsible gun stocks may create a problem if you want to make sure your extra shotgun shells are secure. The plastic cases on your shotgun shells when combined with a plastic shotshell holder can be a slippery situation. 

All you need to solve this problem is a package of Velcro fasteners. A small package of these fasteners cost approximately a dollar and will help solve the problem of keeping your shells secured in the shotshell holder on your shotgun.

The package comes with two different types of fasteners. The loop kind and the fuzzy kind in small squares that don’t require you to do any further modifications. They've got sticky stuff on the backside and all you need for this gear mod are the fuzzy patches.

Just strip the plastic backing off the fuzzy patches and attach them directly to the inside of the individual shotshell holders. Your shells are still easy to get out and will remain snug in the holder. This is an inexpensive and simple gear mod for your shotshell holder.

Got DIY gear mods?

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Anonymous said...

Great tip - Thanks! Great way to use up scraps of that material.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 7:41

My shells weren't as secure as I thought they should be. I was looking for a quick and easy fix...stuck some fuzzy patches in the holder and now my shells are lot more secure in their holder.

Thanks anon.


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