Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Power of Observation

The power of observation can be a very important skill. It allows you to see what others do not. Developing that skill takes time and patience if you want to be really good at seeing even simple things that are right in front of you. Here's a little test to check your power of observation.

Quite often even a simple pile of debris will have numerous items hiding in plain sight. With a little practice, you will notice a number of different things, both natural and man-made, if you look a little closer.There are several very distinct objects In the picture above. There is an egg, a pill bug (the little ones that roll up into a ball), a key and a rusty can that should be fairly easy for you to spot. 

Test your skills and see if you can find them in the above picture (1.04 MB).

Got the power of observation?

See the items here: The Power of Observation-Part Two



Groundhog said...

Can't find egg and can.

Kellie said...

GROAN! I cannot find any of the things; but I have bad eyesight. lol!

Craig Cavanaugh said...

I think I found the can, possibly the egg, depending on what kinda egg it is. Only after I enlargified the picture twice. OR, RW is pulling our legs : )

riverwalker said...

The can is pretty hard to find but the other stuff is pretty easy to find.


Groundhog said...

If the egg is white and no bigger than a gecko egg then I found that. Still no can.

riverwalker said...

To: Groundhog

Check part two for the can.

The can wasn't very obvious even to myself at first glance and I had to take a really close second look to spot it.



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