Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Power of Observation - Part Two

When testing your powers of observation, a little time and patience will help you see things that might be missed if you give an area just a passing glance. If in the previous post, you found all the items...congratulations! If you found at least three, you're pretty darn good. 

Pill Bug

The pill bug was the easiest thing to spot because it was actually moving. Although you couldn't see movement in the picture, you should have spotted this little critter easily.

The Can

The can was the hardest thing to spot because it was almost buried. The perfectly rounded edge and seams gave it away after taking a really good second look at the area.

The Egg

This is more than likely a snake egg. There is a king snake that hangs out in this general area.  I was searching around for it in order to take a couple of pics.

The Key

The key should have been the easiest thing to find because man-made items usually have very definitive shapes that give them away.

Of course, I did make it a lot easier because you knew what to look for in the picture this time. 

Got time for a closer look?

Staying above the water line!


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