Friday, January 21, 2011

Survival Gear Test - Berkey Light Water Purifier - Part One

Berkey Light Water Purifier in Box

One of the most important things you can have in a survival situation is the ability to make sure you have an adequate way to filter and purify your drinking water. Without fresh clean water to drink, you aren’t going to survive anything very long.

One of my good friends for over thirty years recently purchased a Berkey Light Water Purifier and is really excited about his purchase. He called and said it would be here soon. Actually, it arrived faster than he thought…like super quick! Together we are going to do a step by step gear review of this water filter and purification system.

Part One:

The Purchase Decision -

My friend decide to purchase his Berkey Light Water Purifier after checking out the numerous different water filtration and purification systems that are currently available on the market. He was looking for a light weight system for both emergency and everyday use. Being an outdoor enthusiast, the three free Sport Berkey bottles (a $69.99 value) were also a big factor in his decision to purchase this water purifier.

The Order-

My friend ordered his Berkey Light Water Purifier by clicking the link on Stealth Survival (he’s one of my big fans). He said the order process was quick and easy and the various payment options also included the ability to use PayPal to pay for his purchase. He got a quick purchase confirmation e-mail with all the details, including a tracking number for his purchase.

The Shipment -

One of the best things going for the Berkey Light Water purifier from Directive21 is the free shipping. My friend ordered his Berkey Light Water Purifier on January 17th (a Monday holiday!) and it arrived on Thursday afternoon. That’s really quick! Shipping costs are always one of his main concerns because they can run the cost up very quickly. Getting his order in only three days amazed him! He said Texas is so big it sometimes takes him three day to get where he’s going and was really impressed that it arrived so quickly.

The Cost -

When asked about the cost ($209), he stated that when compared with the high prices everywhere for bottled water it was a no-brainer and the three Sport Berkey bottles were a great bonus item.

Safe drinking water will always be critical in any survival situation, Water is not a luxury. It’s a requirement. Don’t neglect this very important aspect of your survival.

The contents and assembly of the Berkey Light Water Purifier will be covered in Part Two.

Staying above the water line!


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