Thursday, January 20, 2011

Riverwalker's Pics - Dogzilla


Dogzilla - recommended for additional home security!

Staying above the water line!



Anonymous said...

You forgot to buy Old Roy's Meat Chunks and Gravy? Kiss your tires good-bye, pal o' mine . . .


It does inspire some 'puckerage' alright, a good watch dog is a blessing. Thanks RiverWalker.

Anonymous said...

I knew a man who had a small gun collection and two large dogs. He came home one day to find the two dogs dead hanging by the neck from the back fence and the gun collection gone. The robbers simple lured the dogs with some food and dropped a noose over each one and hoisted them up.

riverwalker said...

To; anonymous 12:30

They're not called man's best friend for nothing...

Thanks anon.


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 3:36

It is unfortunate that some people will do something that despicable...

Just like a lock which will not always keep the bad guys out, so too a good watchdog may not always be enough.


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