Saturday, June 12, 2010

Riverwalker's Pics - Above the Snow Line

Above the Snow Line

While hiking in the mountains of northeastern New Mexico, RW. Jr. and myself found a nice clear area that was above the snow line. It would have been an ideal place to enable rescuers to find you if you were lost. Highly visible area and plenty of room for a signal fire. It also would have been too exposed if an afternoon storm rolled in and we would have needed to seek shelter elsewhere. The lightning that comes with those afternoon thunderstorms can be a very real danger when you're up on a high ridge line.

Staying above the snow line!



Double Tapper said...

Is that near Wheeler?

riverwalker said...

To: Double Tapper

We were over close to Jicarita Peak in the Angostura part of the Pecos Wilderness Area in the Carson National Forest. RW, Jr. had checked in with the Ranger Station at
Penasco earlier in the day to pick up some maps for our hikes we were planning.

I had a topo relief map of the area but we needed some maps with a lot more detail and he managed to get some from the Ranger Station that showed some fairly decent trails that weren't on our other maps.

Thanks Double Tapper.


riverwalker said...

To: Double Tapper

We were actually on Trampas Peak (elevation: 12,172 feet).

RW, Jr. did go over to Bear Mountain(elevation: 10,243 feet) and The Knob (elevation:10,623 feet) which were both close to our location (about a 4 mile hike).

Double Tapper said...

You have my envy! Northern New Mexico is one my favorite areas. I have hiked the Wheeler area twice and have driven and camped all up in the forests on the mountains below the treeline.

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