Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mosin/Nagant Shooting Practice - The Kneeling Position

The kneeling position is probably the best shooting position you can use when you only have a few seconds to make your shot count. The kneeling position also will give you better accuracy than simply standing in the open (you will also be less exposed). The kneeling position is also one of the quickest and easiest positions to get into if you are in a hurry. Although it helps to have a shooting stick available when using the kneeling position, you can still make a fairly quick and accurate shot from the kneeling position without one. Both the sitting and prone positions offer greater stability for a more accurate shot but will probably be used less than the kneeling position.

A quick field test that included practice using the kneeling position while shooting my Mosin/Nagant 91/30 the other day sure made a difference. Although I had my shooting stick with me, I also realized that in many situations I may not and therefore opted not to use it. My results weren’t that great but seemed decent enough. I managed some three inch groups at 90 meters while in the kneeling position from a full clip of five rounds. Considering that I was shooting left-handed with a rifle that has a right-handed bolt action and iron sights and hasn’t been scoped yet, I felt satisfied with my results. I feel my groups should get better with some additional practice and would like to see my groups get into the one inch category if possible. There was no fault in the rifle and it performed well. This shooter just needs some more practice.

An effort was made to get RW, Jr. to help out with some videos and perhaps a few pics but he was pretty well exhausted from a recent kayaking trip and was deciding to just take it easy after spending a week on the river with his cousin. Next time I will try to get some pics or video.

My biggest drawback is the fact that I shoot left-handed due to an eye dominance thing but have learned to deal with it in most cases by learning to adapt. There was another good aspect to my practice session. The ATI synthetic stock reduced the felt recoil to where it was actually a non-issue.

Got iron sights?

Staying above the water line!



idahobob said...

In my years of shooting (dat be 50, now) the kneeling (especially supported) position has been the second most comfortable and accurate position for me, after the prone. I have never been comfortable in either the sitting or the squatting positions.


Grumpyunk said...

I also shoot lefty because I'm pretty much blind in the right eye.
I'm wanting to go to an Appleseed shoot this year. I'm a fairly decent shooter but could still use some good training and the type of thing you're talking about here is just the sort of thing they do best.

Selous Scout said...

For those who would buy the ATI stock in Mossy Oak camo, don't. The one I got on eBay has the finish chipping off from just handling the gun in a normal fashion. If you must have a camo stock, prep and paint it yourself and save some money.

Ryan said...

I like kneeling as a position. Prone is such that if there is a bit of slightly tall grass or weeds you can't see anything beyond point blank.

When I shoot prone (we do it for qualification now) I have my front knee up and my back one down. I "rock back" and rest my butt on my back ankle and my front tricep on the front knee. Don't miss much in that position.

riverwalker said...

To: idahobob

The kneeling position seems to work well for me and is actually quite comfortable for me.

Thanks idahobob.


riverwalker said...

To: Grumpyunk

Unfortunately, not everyone has perfect eyesight. I've learn to adjust my shooting style somewhat because of the eye dominance thing and the fact that most left-handed bolt actions are hard to find used (the ones that use them won't sell them). i just need to practice more and find what combination works.

Thanks Grumpyunk.


riverwalker said...

To: Selous Scout

Thanks for the heads up on the ATI Mossy Oak camo stock. I wasn't aware there was a problem with them but good to know. The finish on my current ATI stock is holding up well..for now.

Thanks Scout!


riverwalker said...

To: Ryan

"I have my front knee up and my back one down. I "rock back" and rest my butt on my back ankle and my front tricep on the front knee. Don't miss much in that position."

This pretty much describes the position I used and am hoping that with some additional practice I may be able to shoot tighter groups in this position.

Glad to know someone else thinks this is a good position to maintain some fairly decent accuracy.

Thanks Ryan.


Ken said... my last shoot,we did 'kneeling,multiple target engagement'...i must say is trickier than it shoulda been,covering a little more than 90degrees,using the autoloaders too,was only worried about 'minute of badguy' bolt gun is long gone,my 'reach out and touch ya' shooter is a scoped AR10...

riverwalker said...

To: Ken

Sounds like a nice set-up for "minute of bad guy".


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