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Emergency Survival Rations - Pemmican Recipe

Pemmican, which was originally a food of Native Americans, has become a very nutritious food item that works well as an emergency survival ration. It is generally made from several different types of foods that can be combined to suit the personal tastes of almost everyone. Here is a simple recipe that can be used to make pemmican.

Pemmican Recipe

1/2 cup Fruit (raisins, apples, apricots, etc.)

1/2 cup Cereal (wheat germ, graham crackers, granola etc.)

1/2 cup Seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.)

1/2 cup Nuts (walnuts, peanuts, cashews, etc.)

1/2 cup Powdered milk

1/4 cup Honey

2 teaspoons Lemon juice

Option: Add shredded jerky or dried sausage to make a meat pemmican. You will need to make sure that the sausage or jerky has a very low fat content.

Use at least one item from each of the different kinds of food. Coarse grind the dry ingredients and then combine with the dried milk, lemon juice, and honey. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together and shape your pemmican mixture into small rolls about the size of your finger. Wrap each individual roll of pemmican separately using either foil or plastic wrap to make your own emergency survival rations.

The choice of ingredients can be varied to suit the individual tastes of your family members.

You can also find an excellent recipe for making pemmican here:

Got DIY emergency survival rations?

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chinasyndrome said...

Thanks RW.Will try it out.


riverwalker said...

To: chinasyndrome

Let me know how it works out and any variations you might try.



Anonymous said...

40 years ago a friend advised me to carry peanut butter and jam and a loaf of bread on a three day hike. I thought it would be boring, not filling, lazy, to heavy, etc. But I did it and it was awesome. When I stopped to eat it wasn't as though my mouth was watering for a PB&J but once I took a bite I was hooked. It was perfect after a long hike. It was tasty, filling and I couldn't get enough. Same next two days (I did eat something different for breakfast but I really wanted PB&J). SO I know what your thinking, maybe PB&J isn't your favorite, maybe you want 5 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of fruit and low carbs, maybe it sounds too childish. But try it. After walking for 5 hours and finally stopping to eat PB&J is greeeat!!

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 6:05

PBJ's sound great! I prefer peanut butter and crackers but don't mind a jelly sandwich.

Thanks anon.

Vulpine said...

I know I'm coming late to the party, but I had to comment on this.

While it looks like a tasty recipe for a trail bar, what's listed is about as far from pemmican as you can get!

Pemmican is a high protein and fat mix made with lean dried meat and lard (rendered fat) that only occasionally had dried fruit added to it. The meats in question commonly included bison, elk, deer and moose. No cereal grains, no lemon, no honey, no nuts...

Take lean dried meat, and either grind it up, or pound it until it falls apart in the traditional manner. Mix 2/3 meat bits to 1/3 rendered fat. Combine thoroughly. Pack tight in secure containers such as clean intestines (sausage casing), leaf wrappings, leather, or in current times, tupperware, saran wrap and aluminum foil.

Your trail mix looks good, but it's trail mix.

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