Thursday, August 6, 2009

Preserving Shallots - Keeping Greens Fresh

There are many types of raw food items that store well if given a little drink of water. It is a great method for preserving parsley but works well with other types of greens. Florists have used this trick for years to preserve fresh flowers and it works quite well. Here is but one more example of prolonging the shelf life of your fresh food items.

Mrs. RW and myself both like shallots, especially on a fresh garden salad. To keep the shallots fresher and thereby maintain their nutrient values to the utmost extent possible, we use the same method when preserving shallots as we do with parsley.

Simply place them in a glass container with a small amount of water and wrap lightly with some plastic wrap to help retard the effects of dehydration. This keeps your shallots fresh and tasty. This is a simple but effective way to preserve the freshness and the quality of fresh food items, especially greens. Fresh always tastes better and is actually better for your health.

Keeping it fresh?

Staying above the water line!


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