Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tools for Trade

One of the best and handiest items for trade or barter is tools. There is something about a tool that most men can't resist. Any kind of tool has the ability to become quite useful when something breaks or a repair is needed. Let's face reality. Sometimes your hands alone aren't enough and you are going to need some kind of tool to help you get the job done. A person without tools isn't going to get much accomplished. You need the knowledge and skills to make that emergency repair but it most likely won't be accomplished without some basic tools. Tools will always make good items for trade.

In the picture above are just a sample of some of the types of small hand tools that I acquired quite cheap at a yard sale. I recently purchased a dozen hand tools at a yard sale for only $3.00. That's only a quarter for each one. I even got two fairly good quality tools in the mix and have added them to my good tools. The others will go in my junk tool box.

I have my tool box for the farm which has some specialty tools that are necessary for some specialized type of work that is usually only needed at the farm. I have my truck tool boxes and even Mrs. RW has her own tool box for around the house repairs. I also have a junk tool box with an assortment of cheap tools that I've picked up for bargain prices at yard or garage sales. These are often real bargains and sometimes you even find a good quality tool in the mix. An old fishing tackle box or some cheap tool box will make a great place to keep some tools for trade. I've even traded a whole box of junk tools for some really good quality items. The good tool bargains are usually added to my good set of tools and the junk tools go in another old tool box. These I use to trade, sell or barter.

Got tools for trade?

Staying above the water line!



HermitJim said...

That's a good idea, my friend. One I hadn't even thought of...

Thanks for the tip!

riverwalker said...

To: HermitJim

When doing a little re-organizing and getting rid of some excess items when I have a yard sale many times you can get good money for a box of junk tools. Thanks.


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