Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Survival Needs - Providing for Infants

When considering the survival needs of your family, it is important to remember that those who are most vulnerable are also the least able to care for themselves. Infant family members rely completely on others to provide for their necessary needs and care. While you may no longer have infants living in your household, you probably have other family members who do have young infants. These family members should also be included in your preparedness plans.

Young infants require a great deal of care and have somewhat specialized needs. They often require special formula as part of their diet, diapers as part of their clothing needs and even specially formulated medications different from adult-strength medications. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a few extras like teething rings or a few small toys as well.

In an emergency or crisis situation, even a small, additional supply of the special items infants may require will be essential. Should those family members that do have young infants happen to be visiting and a crisis occurs you will be ready to help meet these special needs. If it becomes necessary for them to “bug out” to your location due to a storm or other emergency, you will be ready to assist them with the special care infant family members will need.

A little preparedness for the “little ones” goes a very long way!

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matthiasj said...

Good point RW. Preparedness for the small children is a MUST.

Kentucky Preppers Network

John Wesley said...

I agree, it's a great issue to bring up. Those with children, especially babies, must take into consideration things many of us overlook.


riverwalker said...

To: matthiasj

I have family members that visit from time to time who have small children and it doesn't hurt to have some "extras" handy for the little ones.


riverwalker said...

To: John Wesley

Those who can't take care of themselves definitely need someone to look out for them. Thanks.


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