Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Truck Gun

Having a good but inexpensive rifle that you can carry in your truck is a good thing. Hopefully I've made a deal for some side work that will get me a good but inexpensive rifle that I can carry in my truck at all times. When I get it I'll post some pics and info on it.

I was wanting something reliable but was inexpensive enough that if it was lost or stolen it wouldn't be a big loss. It's supposed to be a Winchester lever action .30-.30. I have plenty of .30-.30 ammunition already and hopefully the deal will work out. When you're strapped for cash like most people, you got to do a little extra sometimes to get what you need!

Here's an update on what I will be using for a truck gun until something better comes along.

RW’s Truck Gun

Staying above the water line!

Got truck gun?



Mayberry said...

My Mosin M44!

Anonymous said...

I used to keep a FR8 bolt .308, but then I got scared about someone ripping it off.

Good idea about a lever gun, a 30-30 wouldn't gain much comment. Though I would be careful about gun safety zones like schools, where the sight of it might cause some legal problems.

Other possibility is a 12 gauge pump or even single shot break open shotgun, something that can be taken down and put in small space. I'm thinking impromptu hunting gun, but also just in case you break down in middle of nowhere, and darkness is beginning to fall - call it your Linus security blanket, lol.

Even a .22 wouldn't be out of line for hunting rifle, that and a fishing pole should be in everybody's vehicle somewhere or another.

scoutinlife said...

I say a cheap used 22 not alot of hassle or questions if you get pulled over with a plinker laying around!

Brian said...

I have the Kel Tec SU-16CA. 5.56mm chamber and folds in half for storage. Lightweight and takes standard AR magazines.

Gunfighter said...

I would have to say it depends on your Texas Laws, what and how you carry it and what you want it to accomplish. The 30-30 in a short carbine would be good for an emergency deer rifle and also self defense. It will also be more manueverable inside the vehicle. As you said it's a matter of finance today.

Tracy said...

All of these are good ideas. Another good choice would be a Savage Model 24 combination gun.

Be careful, though. In some states (like Tennessee), having a truck gun and ammo anywhere near the gun will get you in jail, the gun confiscated, and your vehicle searched with a fine-toothed comb, with any other gun-related stuff, knives, ammo, and survival gear of any variety also confiscated, if you get pulled over and the cop has any inkling there is a gun in the vehicle. And he WILL ask if there is a gun in the vehicle. This will happen, even if you are telling the cop he does not have permission to search. That is how much the Second Amendment means in Tennessee, and some other states. Their justification, at least in Tennessee, is a state ordinance making carrying a gun in a public area a crime, and they now classify the interior of your vehicle a public area, specifically so they can use that law to disarm the public.

Fortunately, when they did that to me on an isolated rural road, it was only a misdemeanor, although it did end up costing me several thousand dollars. Good thing I wasn't driving past a school, because then it would have probably been a felony.

Of course, one cannabis seed or a pipe with residue in it would have also made it a felony, which is probably what they were hoping to find.
Of course, I wouldn't knowingly have any such thing in my vehicle, but I had just bought the vehicle. Something left in the ashtray or under a floormat by the previous owner could have meant prison time and no future gun ownership.

Think about that.

western mass. man said...

Here in Mass., any weapon except a CCW, must be in a case and locked if it's in a vehicle. Same goes for home use. If it's not on your person, it is supposed to be unloaded and locked with a child proof lock.
"Oh wait a minute Mr. intruder, I have to unlock and load my gun."
I know, vote with my feet. Problem is, just trying to find a state that lets you.

Bitmap said...

Those Winchester M94s aren't so inexpensive any more. Even the post '64 models with the funny receiver metal are over $300 these days when they are beat up.

If it's a pre-crossbolt safety/angle eject look for two holes drilled and tapped in the left side of the receiver at the top just in front of the hammer. If it has them then it's easy to install an aperture sight. I think on the angle-eject models the D&T holes for the rear scope mount are where the aperture sights mount so you should be set in that case.

A rifle is a good thing to have handy.

riverwalker said...

To: Mayberry

A Mosin M44 sounds good!


riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 1:03

I have a locking bed cover on my truck and this is where I would probably keep it. Lever action .30-.30's are pretty common around my neck of the woods and it seems like everybody has one or has had one at some time in their life.


riverwalker said...

To: scoutinlife

A .22 plinker sounds like a good choice. If I come across a good one at a cheap price I may wind up using it instead.


riverwalker said...

To: Brian

Sounds like a good combination but might be a little more than what I need or might be comfortable with.


riverwalker said...

To: Gunfighter

So many choices...so little money!


riverwalker said...

To: Tracy

Excellent points! My job also further complicates my situation since I work in corrections. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: western mass man

Unfortunately, some of the laws don't favor responsible gun owners.


riverwalker said...

To: Bitmap

When I get it I'll make sure to post about it and you can let me know what and if may be possible as far as upgrades, etc. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

This post scares me. You say you'd like a good, cheap gun to carry in your truck so that if it gets lost or stolen that it is "no big deal." Any lost or stolen gun is a big deal! Doesn't matter how much the gun cost you. If someone breaks into your truck and steals your gun, I don't think they plan on doing any good with it. Chances are it may become a big deal to the person on the other end of that gun some day.

Yes, I understand this is not the point of your posting (and that you lock yours up in the truck bed), but I just thought I'd offer up another perspective and point out that you must be responsible with your weapons. Be safe and keep your guns safe from irresponsible users.

riverwalker said...

TO: anonymous

Excellent point! My intention wasn't to sound so callous about a theft or loss. In fact, I go to the extreme sometimes to keep property secured. Most locks just keep honest people honest. I've had them rip a hole in the wall when they couldn't break through the door. The loss of property was less than the damages.

Responsible ownership of firearms is a priority for me.


Wildcat said...

I carry an H&R Topper or NEF Pardner in 20 gauge. The barrel cut to 19". If weighs in at just a few pounds. It fits almost anywhere at that size. I can fire slugs for deer sized game, buckshot for "self defense" or hunting and birdshot for birds, squirrels, rabbits, etc.. In my opinion, the most versatile firearm there is.

I find them around here at pawn shops for $60 to $100 pretty often. Can't get much cheaper than that.


WizardSleeve said...

Me, I like the SKS on a Tapco Fusion body. 20 rnd clip and a rail for sight mounting. All told, under $400. As far as I can see it's about the best deal you'll find on a hunting-capable, semi-auto rifle. Fires 7.62, so ammo is readily available and fairly cheap.

doctorzero said...

Another great topic/ post RW!

My "truck gun" lives in my truck and even in my rural area there is a small risk of theft. So there is NO WAY I am leaving a nice lever action in the cold, dirty truck. ;)

If it were ever needed for self defense it would likely be around other vehicles (ie hard cover) my considerations were (in order) Penetration, reliability, capacity, lo/no maintenance, lack of emotional attachment.

Shotguns-low capacity and limited penetration unless loaded with slugs.

I ended up going with an underfolded AK (27") and several semi-full 30 rd mags. Molon labe

riverwalker said...

To: wildcat

That topper sounds like a pretty effective choice. Might need to reconsider a shotgun. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: WizardSleeve

Sounds like another good choice also and I'm going to have harder time now figuring out which way to go for a truck gun. Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: doctorzero

The risk of theft is pretty low in my area even though we've had a recent rash of vehicle burglaries. It usually winds up being one or two perps doing it. Thanks for the input! Sounds like you've got yourself covered pretty good as far as a truck gun.


Anonymous said...

I've had a Mosin M38 in my truck for years now. And I live in Cali-forn-i-a.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 12:27

Sounds nice! Very nice.



Stu said...

I live in Florida. A good friend drives a Semi.He has a Concealed Carry Permit. His employers informed him that Florida DOT laws prohibit drivers from carrying. Concealed carry or not. Do you know of this Regulation, and where can I find the Reg book online? So far I find nothing. Thanks

riverwalker said...

To: Stu

The information you are looking for is probably in the database for the Florida Dept. Of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Here is a link:


The restrictions are probably due to the fact that not all states have a reciprocal agreement when it comes to honoring concealed carry permits from other states. If you are carrying and enter a state without a reciprocal agreement you could very well find yourself in trouble. Plus many reciprocal agreements with other states are limited to "pistols only". No rifles, shotguns, etc.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Stu.


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