Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gardening - Is it right for you?

I'd like to thank RW for letting me ramble on a bit more. I've noticed that a lot of the other site's are concentrating on gardening, which is a good thing, but If SHTF tomorrow, that garden may end up being useless to you. Sorry, all that time and labor will go down the drain. It's a great skill to have, really, but if you need to bug out, are you going to haul those plants with you? Can you? Let's look at the options.

First off, I live in Arizona, so I can garden pretty much year around. The soil here really is bad, but some stuff really can thrive well. My tomatoes never do well, but pepper's and eggplant go wild! So, how much time, labor and seeds do you buy? Did you get a tiller for it? And what do you do with the excess? I have 6 fruit trees that I can't eat or can fast enough, and I give the excess to the neighbors, and see them in the trash a day later!

My point here ... is it cheaper to grow your own vegetables, or buy and preserve? I had to transplant a bunch of veggies due to some remodeling, and lost half of them. They had survived over 3 years, but... So, I went up to the local store and replaced a few of the one's I really liked, got some 6 inch plants. 2 egg plant, 2 tomatoes...cost 14 buck's. I could have bought seeds and prayed half would grow, or I could have spent that money on canning jars and went to the grocery store.

This is only my opinion, of course. If you think S will HTF tomorrow, buy canning jars, a dehydrator, whatever... If you think you have time to wait, then go for the garden! It's all a time issue, not a skill or desire. Save the seed's for the bug out, not today. I have to admit, gardening is my favorite relaxing time. But is it cost effective? In my own personal circumstances, NO WAY!! Just my opinion!


Dean in Arizona


Anonymous said...

Thank's for letting me post again,RW! I remembered a few thing's since I sent it tho. I planted 2 of everything I have in pot's for the patio,so they can be hauled with me if need be. I'm even trying one of those hanging tomato's! I got my tax refund yesterday,so my budget allow's more canning jar's,so maybe if all goe's well,I'll send you a post on my first try at canning meat,and my yard sale pressure cooker!
Dean in Az

kstrating said...

Or, then again, check/ask for jars on Craig's list or freecycle. Seed germination tends to be way over 95%, if you collect your own (almost any veg) & take up little room or time. Mine are in a south facing window, waiting to go out (South Dakota). They were planted in empty containers that would have been tossed or recycled. Jar lids are about the only purchase.

Anonymous said...

I picked up my water bath canner with 60 jar's and lid's for 15 buck's on Craigslist.My pressure canner new in the box for 10 buck's.
My post was not intended to confuse anyone about gardening.I think it's great for everyone! My main point was to make sure everyone was ready for tomorrow,not 6 month's from now. If SHTF today,your garden is lost,unless you have it in potted planter's.Then you need the spare room to haul them with you.In this case,canned or dehydrated is better.If you can or plan to bug in,go with the garden.Sorry if I raised any confusion.
Dean in Az

WizardSleeve said...

Hey there,

I think gardening is a must for the long term. You may have to bug out, true, but I have a large can or hermetically sealed non-hybrid seeds stored out at my bug out destination.

Canned food may be just as difficult to transport, or more difficult than seeds. For bug out food I prefer freeze dried or dehydrated foods.

riverwalker said...

To: Wizard Sleeve

Sounds like you've got a good plan. I have some stuff stored at the farm if we have to bugout plus I have some stuff packed and ready to go as additional supplies. Thanks.


wade said...

I don't garden because it's easier. I garden because it tastes better, is healthier, and I enjoy it. The number one reason though is so that I know how. If the SHTF for more than a few years, you're going to run out of storage and have to start hunting/gardening. And, even if the SHTF for only a few months, I'd sure like to supplement my grains and beans with some fresh fruits and vegetables. It's great to have seeds stored away but they aren't going to do you any good if you don't know how to grown them. Our current civilization's lack in knowledge of how to grow food boggles my mind as much as how they no longer build homes with fireplaces.

riverwalker said...

To: wade

While it may not be cost effective for a lot of people, it is still a skill everyone should have some knowledge and practice in knowing what to do and what's involved in order to produce your own food. Excellent point wade! Thank you.


In reference to fireplaces,it is a shame that so many people have come to rely on technology based alternatives.

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