Friday, April 17, 2009

Riverwalker’s Gear - Taurus PT-111 Pistol

One of my recent acquisitions is a Taurus PT-111 pistol in 9mm caliber. I previously owned a Walther PPK 9mm pistol and this will be its replacement. This is the pistol Mrs. RW will probably be using. I chose this particular medium frame model for its safety features and light weight while maintaining a decent level of firepower with the 9mm caliber.

This particular model is not a Pro model but has most of the same features as the newer generation Pro models. One of the major differences is this pistol has the “single stack” 10 round magazine while the newer generation use a “double stack” 12 round magazine.

RW, Jr. and I shot a few rounds through it the other day just to get a feel for the action. That’s one of the reason’s I was going through my targets the other day looking for my copy of the Shooter's Correction Target. I think this will be a great pistol to have on hand and at a used cost that was slightly less than $200 it will be a good investment. While I was pleasantly surprised with this pistol, I need to put in a little more practice with it and do an update later. I was going to attempt a little more practice time today but we are in the middle of a big thunderstorm today which has ruled that out for the time being.

From the Taurus USA website:

“Featuring Heinie Straight Eight Sights and the same Single/Double Action Triggers as well as matching serial numbers on the frame slide, and barrel as the Taurus 24/7 Pro, the Taurus International PT-111 Millennium Pro Pistol may be the best medium frame pistol of its kind. Including Taurus's Security System, the PT-111 can be made inoperable with the simple turn of a key. With the Security System engaged, the Taurus PT-111 cannot be fired or cocked and the manual safety cannot be disengaged. Light, compact, and packing 9mm firepower, the Taurus PT-111 Millennium Pro Pistol is a great choice for concealed and back-up carry.”

You can view the pistol and its specifications here:
Additional high resolution pics here: Gun Pics - Taurus Millenium (non-Pro) PT-111 9mm

Staying above the water line!



Bitmap said...

Always good to another person clinging to their guns.

Don't you mean PPK .380 or 9mm short, instead of just 9mm?

riverwalker said...

To: Bitmap

It looked like too good a deal to turn down. With the price of guns right now I figure its probably already gone up in value! Thanks.


BTW, 9mm short.

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with that model - I hope it proves to be compatible with your wife. Great price - any centerfire you can find for less than $300 is rare - a C-note is not a bad deal at all - congratulations on your good fortune!

I haven't found ANY double action that fits my wife's hands, but her hands are pretty small. Attempting to shoot DA revolvers, she pulls the shots left - not enough finger onto trigger.

Wyn Boniface said...

Is the op rod/recoil spring plastic? I am curious.

One Fly said...

Well done RWalker. 200 bucks what? What did you do threaten the guy with the old one.

Bullseye said...

RW, my DAD has one just like it and he loves it, great gun. And for less than 2 bills you got a steal. That gun would bring 300 to 350 around my place any day of the week. Great find and so good you had the extra $$ to take advantage of it. That's the best part of having a little tucked back, you can take advantage of a good deal with it presents itself. Way to go my friend.

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous 4:52

Taurus makes a slimmer model that is 6+1 capacity that may work for your wife. My wife's hands are probably average size for a woman. It was a very comfortable grip for me but RW, Jr. has somewhat larger hands than I do and felt like he needed more "grip" but was still comfortable shooting it.

My son is considering one of the newer generation models that are 12+1.. they have a "fatter" grip and the magazine extends down a little further. The additional rounds and larger magazine add a little extra weight though.



riverwalker said...

To: WB

The PT-111's use a dual recoil spring system. Springs are metal. There were some issues with recoil spring protrusion in earlier models but Taurus fixed this with the addition of a washer to prevent this.

My son-in-law actually recommended the Taurus to me. A lot of his friends have them and consider them very reliable.

I just got extremely lucky when I came across this one. My buddy at work put me onto this one being available. He knew I was looking for a reliable automatic pistol and gave me a headsup on this one. Thanks Wyn!


riverwalker said...

To: OneFly

I carry some spare cash just in case I come across a good deal. He actually wanted a good bit more but I offered him what I had and he took it. I actually didn't think he would let it go for $200 but he needed the money.I was glad to help him out.Thanks.


riverwalker said...

To: Bullseye

Great to hear your Dad has one and likes it. The guy who had it wanted more $$$ for it but settled for what I had on me. I was actually at my max carry amount for cash at the time or I might have missed this deal. I think the guy just came up short before pay day.


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