Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ugly Drum Smoker - Custom Grill Grate

UDS Custom Grill Grate

Custom Grill Grate Closeup View

UDS Custom Grill Grate Actual Size

One of the things I had in mind to make my ugly drum smoker more versatile was to make a custom grate that would allow me to cook and smoke a greater variety of items. Several types of food just don't sit well on the open style grates that are usually available. My brother-in-law came across some baffle plate from an old boiler at a mill and offered to make me a couple of 22 inch grill grates for free that would be ideal for my purposes.
Now I can smoke vegetables, roastin' ears, peppers, shrimp, fish and hamburger patties without any problems caused by food falling through the grates. This will make my ugly drum smoker even more fun to cook and smoke on. The only thing I added was a couple of pieces of baling wire for handles.
Going to give it a good workout on Saturday!

Staying above the water line!

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