Monday, November 24, 2008

Simple Survival Tools - Peelers

One of the main tools that everyone should have is a good peeler. Along with a good knife and a can opener, it is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your kitchen. How else are you going to peel all those vegetables from the garden without a lot of waste?

There are three main varieties of potato or vegetable peeler.

1.) The first one is the Yorkshire type peeler ( It is also sometimes known as a Lancashire type peeler). This is a design that has a blade as an extension of a handle, in a manner similar to the way a blade is attached to a knife. It is probably the most common type.

2.) The second one is called a Y-peeler. This is due to its shape. The blade is usually perpendicular to the handle in this type. This is similar to a razor and they are sometimes called the razor type peeler.

3.) The third one has no official name but is sometimes referred to as an “Aussie type peeler”. It is used fairly extensively in Australia, where this particular peeler design originated. It was designed in about 1947 by a company called Dalsonware in Melbourne who call it the "Dalson Classic Aussie Peeler". It consists of a plastic handle which extends upwards to support both the base and tip of a partially rotating blade. This type of peeler is also typical of the general fruit and vegetable peeler that is used in Canada.

Many peelers have an 'eye gouger' beside the blade. This is a loop of metal used to dig out eyes and blemishes from the potato. They are also great for peeling sweet potatoes for your Thanksgiving dinner!

Mrs. RW has one of the “Aussie type peelers” and loves to peel potatoes, cucmbers and carrots with it. “Aussie type peelers” - This is a good thing!

Staying above the water line!



Bullseye said...

Got one brother. I'm gonna keep it handy now. Thanks

riverwalker said...

To: bullseye

Ranks right up there with the knife and can opener.


Marie said...

Interesting that you should mention this--I've been looking to upgrade my kitchen tools since I am trying more things "from scratch". Don't know if I would have thought about a new peeler before, but I definitely will now. Thanks for all of your recent posts--I read them regularly, and always learn something!

riverwalker said...

To: marie

I was hoping people wouldn't think I meant people who've had too much sun!

All kidding aside, a good peeler will help to eliminate a lot of food waste.Thanks marie.


Anonymous said...

I'd add a few thing's for around the kitchen.Look for slicer's and dicer's at yard sale's,goodwill or such.Some of those cheap thing's you see on late night TV! They make a thing called a mandolin,a hand slicer,really handy.A hand powered meat grinder,a cheese grater,other type of thing's like that.After a day of cutting firewood,hunting,or working in the garden,the last thing I'd want to do is sit and chop and slice dinner!

riverwalker said...

To: anonymous

I shop the yard sales and garage sales for bargain items also. Lots of great stuff out there real cheap! Thanks.


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